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A dictionary of Suffolk place-names

by Keith Briggs and Kelly Kilpatrick. English Place-Name Society & Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History (2016). EPNS Popular Series volume 6. ISBN-10: 0904889912, ISBN-13: 978-0904889918.

The book is available from SIAH for £14 plus postage. There are also normally copies at Amazon and ebay, though usually at higher prices than SIAH is asking.



Reviews have been published in Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History volume 43 part 4 (2016) pages 642–643 (by Stephen Podd); in the Newsletter of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History summer 2017 edition, pages 23–24 (by James Kemble); and in Namn och Bygd 104 (2016) 169–172 by John Insley.

Errata (last updated 2020-07-09)

  • page i: the cover map is of the north-west Suffolk region around Bury St Edmunds, not the Ipswich and Woodbridge regions as stated.
  • page xxii: add Easton Bavents to the list of places with Norman manorial affixes.
  • page 19: the note on the Tudor brick hall is attached to the wrong Brandeston - it should be Brandeston in Loes Hundred, not Brandeston Hall in Great Waldingfield.
  • page 50: under Eyke: for "1885" read "1185".
  • page 66: the following entry was accidently omitted:
    Hasketon TM250504 (Carlford Hd). Hascetuna, Haschetuna, Hashetuna 1086 DB, Hecetune c.1100 (c.1207) FeudBury, Asketon 1254 ValN, Hasketone 1327 SR, Hectune c.1333 PbR, Hasketon' 1336 LS, Haston 1524 SR, Hasketon 1783 Hods. `*Haseca's homestead.' OE masc. pers.n. *Haseca (gen. *Hasecan) + tūn. The only other evidence for a personal name *Haseca is in three Worcestershire charters referring to heasacan be(o)rh (S:121, S:122, S:786; the placename survives as Axborough (PN Wo:257)). The name Hasketon is sometimes confused in early records with Hacheston (page 63).
  • page 101: under Newmarket, delete all references to the place-name (including as a surname) from before 1223. It is now known that these references are to other places of the same name. A new Newmarket entry will be posted here soon.
  • page 110: under Playford: for "Flynn" read "Fynn".
  • page 156: under Wissington, Ælfflæd's will (S1486) mentions Wiswyþetun, but Wiswiþe, the person, is actually mentioned in the will of Ealdorman Ælfgar (S1483), Ælfflæd's father. It is very likely that Wiswiðe was Ælfgar's wife.
  • page 157: under Woolpit: for "other-wordly" read "other-worldly".
  • page 158: the comment about metathesis under Wortham should really be attached to Worlingworth.
  • page 173 & 177: Aldwulf and Børk should be deleted from the index of personal names, as Aldulveston and Barkston are not in the body of the dictionary.
  • page 174: there are two indentation errors.


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