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Keith Briggs

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I am professionally a mathematician. Some of my interests are: graph theory and stochastic processes for network applications; distributed algorithms; wireless systems, especially radio channel modelling; and mathematical computing, including computational number theory and combinatorial algorithms. I am an Alan Tayler Visiting Lecturer in the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. My other interests include the linguistic history of place-names, harpsichording, and cycling. I have been a cartotaller since 2008-06-08.

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I have had to remove the following files due to excessive automated downloading: EPN_maps/English_placename_element_distribution.pdf; images/Roman_road_maps.pdf; documents/BenjaminHu.pdf; documents/Suffolk_place-name_course_slides_00.pdf; documents/AS_charters_junirg.pdf; documents/AS_charters_beowulf.pdf; sawyer.pkl. Please email me if you would like a copy of these.

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