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Ancestors and relatives

This information mostly comes from private family records and censuses, with a few bits added from data found on the internet. It is not all documented or checked to the standard which I would normally demand. When dates are given to the day (as 1890-02-13), I have normally seen a certificate. Date specifications like 1909-03 are mostly from indices to parish records, and only indicate the quarter of an event, not its exact date. Green people married into another branch of the tree, and are the target of green hoverlinks. Blue hoverlinks point to external websites. This html file was automatically generated from my YAML database family_tree_01.yaml at 2020-04-13 19:15. It contains 189 people.


Harry: [g-gf]; married Ada Heseltine [g-gm] 1887-12. A stuff warehouse man in the birth certificate of Horace, and a dyer's clerk in the marriage certificate of Horace. His wife Ada (or Adah) [g-gm] was born 1862-12 in Bradford. In the 1901 census (RG13/4144) the family was living at 10 Lorne St; Horace was 11, and May was 7.

  1. Horace Franklin: [gf] born 1890-02-13 at 347 Sticker Lane, Bradford; married Elsie Smith on 1921-03-24 at Dudley Hill Wesleyan Chapel, Wakefield Rd, Bradford; died 1957-10-15. A wool merchant's cashier at time of marriage. Then living at 13 New Hey Rd, Bradford, while Elsie lived at 32 Gladstone St, Bradford. A wool merchant's foreign correspondent at the time of the birth of Basil.
    1. Basil Hugh: born 1923-08-30 at 269 New Hey Rd, Bradford; married Gillian Awbery on 1954-08-12 at Register Office, Cambridge; died 1994-02-28 at Adelaide. PhD Cambridge 1952. Living at 28 Hardwick St, Cambridge in 1954. Five children. See an obituary here.
  2. May: born c.1894; married Arthur Clifford.
    1. Gordon: married Kitty.
      1. Gillian: married Stuart.
        • Elizabeth.
      2. Pamela.
  3. Maud.
  4. Albert: married Kitty.
    • Dennis: married Joan.
      • Lynda. Julie. John.


Stephen: [3g-gf]; married Ann Thornton on 1836-05-19 at St Pancras Old Church. The 1861 census records children Eliza, Charles, and Stephen. A George Stephen Aubery in the 1871 census (born about 1822 London) may be a relative.

  1. Eliza: born c.1836.
  2. Charles George: born 1838-09; christened 1838-10-07 at St. Leonard's Church, Shoreditch; married Mary Eliza 1862-06. His christening is recorded in parish registers of St. Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, 1558-1901. Wife Mary Eliza was born in Hackney about 1837 and died December 1918. The family was living at 7 Enfield Rd South in 1881 (Enfield Rd is a diagonal road off Kingsland Rd, and is now rebuilt with modern apartment blocks). In that year daughter Mary E. was a board school teacher. In the 1871 census, Minnie's surname is recorded as Aubery. In 1911 was aged 72 and living in Romford with wife (73) and son Charles Arthur, also with another Charles Awbery (55).
    1. Mary Elizabeth: born 1863-03; married William James Riches 1890-03; died 1930.
    2. Alice Maud: born 1870-03; married Frederick James Wood 1888-06.
    3. Minnie: born 1867-06; married George Arthur Martin Harvey 1890-10.
    4. Charles Arthur: born 1871; married Louisa?; died 1938 at Billericay.
  3. Stephen: [2g-gf] born c.1841; married Jane Brown; died 1902-03. His family was living at 122 Broke Rd, Haggerston in 1901. He was an iron door and safe maker (RG 13/279). Broke Rd is now merely a back alley to modern houses in Pownall Rd and Byron Close.
    1. Charles Edward: born c.1867 in Bethnal Green; married Elizabeth Amelia Bolton 1891-03. In 1901 the family was living at 34 Queen Anne Rd, Hackney. Mother-in-law Elizabeth Bolton (69, born Lyme Regis) and niece Elizabeth (5) were living there also. Charles Edward Awbery was an iron safe and door maker (RG 13/232). Wife Elizabeth Amelia died 1944-09-10 aged 81 and was buried at Thundersley Garden of Rest (Hadleigh, Essex).
      • Kathleen (Kitty): born 1898-12 in Hackney; married Stanley Harold Balaam in 1924 at West Ham.
    2. Henry: [g-gf] born 1872-03; married Emily Sarah Anna Orrett on 1898-10-15; died 1921. An iron safe engineer; worked for Edward Tann & Sons, Iron Safe Makers. The 1901 census records this family as Awbrey. Died 1921-10-11 aged 49 “in consequence of blood poisoning following a trivial grazed knuckle” (Frank Awbery letter). Then living at 38 Victoria Park Rd, Hackney (an area now rebuilt with new houses).
      1. James Henry: [gf] born 1899-08-20 at 18 Fassett Rd, Dalston; married Doris Margaret Harrison 1930-06; died 1985-01-10 at Basingstoke. Baptised 1899-10-19 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green. Confirmation 1915-03-14 at St Leonard, Shoreditch. Attended Northern Polytechnic Institute (now part of London Metropolitan University). Living at 38 Victoria Park Rd, Hackney in 1926. Wrote A textbook on heat (Longmans, Green 1949) and A university text-book of physics, vol.3, Heat (a rewritten version of Poynting & Thomson's textbook; Griffin 1952). From the Supplement to the London Gazette, 1st January 1962, page 12: “To be Ordinary Officer of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire: James Henry AWBERY, Esq., lately Senior Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence” . Lived at 11 Carlisle Rd, Hampton (bought for £1000 in 1935).
        • Gillian: born 1931-09-23 at 175 Waldegrave Rd, Teddington, London; married Basil Hugh Briggs on 1954-08-12 at Register Office, Cambridge; died 2011-08-27 at Adelaide. Matriculated University of London September 1948 (English, English Literature, Latin, French, German, Elementary Mathematics, Physics-with-Chemistry, Biology). Higher School Certificate 1950 (Physics, Chemistry, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics). BA awarded 1953-06-24 by Newnham College, Cambridge. An obituary is here.
      2. Violet Emily: born 1901-04 in Victoria Park Road, Hackney; married Joseph Arthur Lees in 1927; died 1951 at Barnes. Husband was born 1896-03-28 in Manchester and died August 1983.
        • Felicity Anne: born 1934-10-28 in Chiswick; married John William Thomas Hassell; died 1997-07-12. Husband was born in Hammersmith 1917-09-28 and died 1991-07-12. Two children.
      3. Frank Orrett: born 1906-12; married Florence Edwards 1929-12; died 1984 at Chester. No children. Was living at 106 Hatfield Rd, Dagenham in 1946. Worked for Eltham Council.
    3. Arthur: born 1880-12; married Helena Sarah Wooden 1906-06. Lived at Watford.
    4. Emily: born 1874-06; married Ernest Hunt 1898-09.
    5. Albert Stephen: born 1886-03; married Florence; died 1970. Worked as a retail milk-seller.
      • Stanley. Flossie.


George Henry Wyatt: [g-gf] born 1870-09 at South Stoneham; married Eleanor Cecilia Podesta on 1892-04-24 at Shirley, Southampton; died 1943. His father was probably the George Harrison (born Mar 1840) married March 1868 in South Stoneham to Louisa Wyatt (born December 1842). From The Edinburgh Gazette, May 18, 1897, page 471: “Civil Service Commission, Post Office: Skilled Lineman - George Henry Wyatt Harrison” . In the birth certificate of daughter Doris, he is described as “telegraphic engineer” . South Stoneham (near Swaythling) is now part of Eastleigh.

  1. Eleanor Cecilia: born 1895; married George Hurrell. Lived in Dorset.
  2. George Harold: born 1893; married Florence. Lived in Bath.
    • ?Bill. Rose: born 1918; married ?Bill. George: born 1922; married Anne in 1949.
  3. Winifred: born 1897; married Harold Mills. Lived at Reading.
    • Margaret. Donald. Judith.
  4. Doris Margaret: [gm] born 1897-09-01 at 9 High Cross St, St Austell, Cornwall; married James Henry Awbery; died c.1990 at Adelaide.
  5. Frederick Owen: born 1901; married Muriel.
    • Michael: born 1927. John: born 1929. David: born 1931.
  6. Cecil: born 1902; died 1919.
  7. Donald: born 1903; married ?Barbara.
    • Philip. Robert. Elizabeth.
  8. Leslie Roy: born 1904; married Nancy. Lived at Plymstock.
    • Sallie. Graham.
  9. Louis Arthur: born 1906; married (1) Margaret, (2) ?.
    • Louis. Cecil. Eleanor. Margaret. Patricia. Alan. David.
  10. Frank P.: born 1907; married (1) Molly, (2) Edna.
    • David. Anthony. Timothy. Patricia.
  11. Ethel Louise: born 1909; married Wilfred Mitchell. Lived at Leigh, Lancashire.
    • Jean. Daphne. Christopher. Maxwell.
  12. Madge: born 1913; married Ralph Axworthy. Lived near Plymouth.
    • Roger. Christine. Brian. Lorraine. Laurence.
  13. Jack: born c.1914; married Renee.
    • Sheila.
  14. Constance: born 1915; married Paul Gorham in 1952; died 2012-03-13. Known as Connie. Husband Paul died 1957. Three children. Died aged 97 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.


William: [4g-gf]; married Elizabeth c.1813 at Warrington.

  1. John: [3g-gf] born c.1814; married Charlotte Hallows c.1833; died 1865. Surname also recorded as Orritt and Orred. Wife Charlotte died c.1839. Lived at Samuel St, Chester in 1841. In Slater's directory of Cheshire 1848 is shown as “Cabinet m[aker] Eastgate row Pates entry” . Moved to Northgate St West by 1851.
    1. Sarah Ann: born 1835; married George Sellman c.1861; died 1870-12-03 at 51 Crossall St, Macclesfield. Husband George was a labourer.
      1. George: born 1864 in Macclesfield; died 1882 at Macclesfield. A George Sellman aged 16 is recorded as being an inmate (silk cleaner) of Macclesfield Union Workhouse in the 1881 census.
      2. Elizabeth: born 1866-03.
      3. John William: born 1868-12-07. A John William Sellman was married in Macclesfield in Dec 1902.
    2. James William: [2g-gf] born 1837 in Great Boughton, Chester; married Hannah Davis c.1864; died 1909-03. Known as Will. The family was living at 27 Pritchards Road, Hackney in 1881, and 364 Hackney Rd in 1901. 364 was on the south-east corner of Warner Place, opposite the now-disused Children's Hospital.
      1. James William: born 1866-02-19 in Shoreditch; died 1950-03.
      2. Tom Walter: born 1868-06 in Bethnal Green; died 1948-03 at Bethnal Green. Had a cabinet-making business in partnership with brother James William. Both were bachelors.
      3. Abraham John: born 1870-03 in Bethnal Green; married Ada Craik (Crake) 1902-09; died 1918-09. Known as John.
      4. Rhoda Emma Elizabeth: born 1874-06 in Bethnal Green; married James Shiell 1914-03; died 1955-03 at Islington.
        • James: born 1914-06.
      5. Emily Sarah Anna: [g-gm] born 1872-07-15 in 27 Anns Place, Bethnal Green; married Henry Awbery on 1898-10-15 at St Matthew, Bethnal Green; died 1945-03-06 at Central Home, Leytonstone. Birth certificate records name as Sarah Anna Emily. Worked as a teacher, qualifying in June 1895 at Maidstone St Board School, Haggerston (registered no. 28494). Maidstone St was parallel to, and west of, Goldsmith's Row; the site is now Haggerston Park. The school was probably that still existing as Sebright Primary School in Audrey St. In later life she lived at 2 Humberstone Rd, West Ham.
      6. Mary Ann Agnes Madeline: born 1876-04-22; married George Ernest Hovey 1894-06 at Stepney.
        • May. Albert. George W. Margaret. Arthur. Irene.
      7. Ethel: born 1879?; married William Grant. Also known as Minnie. Husband William was the son of another William Grant from Banff; one of these two was a ship's cook. He died about 1950. The family lived at Leytonstone.
        • John: married Doris. William J.: born 1912; married Vera (Barrack or) Hovell in 1947. Wrote to James Awbery 1970-01-17, lived then at 16 Harrington Rd, E11; children Susan Toye Grant (b. 1948) and Richard Debay Grant (b. 1950). Priscilla (or Peggy?). Minnie: born ?; died 1940.
    3. John: born 1839; married Martha Jane Griffith in 1859; died c.1908?. Daughter Frances (Fanny) worked as a domestic servant in 71 Eaton Square, London.
  2. William: married Anne. Perhaps the “Tailor Newgate St” in Slater's directory of Cheshire 1848.
  3. Elizabeth.
  4. Ellen.
  5. Peter.


Tom: [g-gf]; married Annie Firth [g-gm] 1891-06?. A stuff merchant's warehouseman in Bradford in the marriage certificate of Elsie (1921).

  1. Elsie: [gm] born 1892-05-10; married Horace Franklin Briggs on 1921-03-24.
  2. Annie: married Edwin Barker.
    • Roy: married Winifred.
  3. Hilda: married Ambrose Hey.
    1. Brian: married Betty.
      • Ann: married Richard. John: married Marlene. Jean: married Findlay. David.
  4. Edwin died 1970.
  5. Reginald: married Alice.
    1. Tony: married Jill.
      • David died 1976. girl.


Joseph: [2g-gf] born c.1825 in Shirley, Southampton; married Sarah Ann [2g-gm] 1855-03; died 1909-12. Wife Sarah died 1905-12 aged 69.

  1. Joseph: born 1857-02-01 in Shirley; died 1934-12.
  2. Cecilia: christened 1866-05-06.
  3. Harry: christened 1870-05-01 in Shirley; died 1961-03 at Southampton.
  4. Frank: christened 1873-04-06 in Shirley.
  5. Eleanor Cecilia: [g-gm] born 1875-03 in Shirley, Southampton; married George Henry Wyatt Harrison on 1892-04-24; died c.1963.


Abraham: [3g-gf] born c.1814; married Sarah Toye on 1835-04-26 at South Hackney Parish Church (St John of Jerusalem, Lauriston Rd).

  1. Sarah: born 1836; married Elam 1856-09.
  2. Marian: born 183?; married (1) Cresswell, (2) Garner. Known as Polly.
  3. Hannah: [2g-gm] born 1837-12-22 at 9 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green; married James William Orrett; died 1911-03.
  4. Elizabeth: born 1841; married Beasley. Husband otherwise Beazley. Eight children. One was Rhoda Elizabeth (born 1868-06, died 1941-12 aged 73), who worked as a sewing-machinist and did not marry.
  5. Rhoda: born 18??; married Potter.
  6. Emma: born 1847-12-19; married Victor Merritt. Victor was a painter. He had a sister Ada.
    • Victor. Ada.
  7. Eliza: born c.1846; married Joseph Jermy in 1866. Eliza lived in later life at the Weavers' Almshouses, Leytonstone.
    • Joe: born 1867; married Jessie. Became an upholsterer; 182 Queens Road, Everton in 1901. Further descendants John (married Gladys), Rosemary (married Barry Boothroyd). Eliza: born c.1869. Albert W.: born c.1890.
  8. Abraham: born 1849-12-26; married Sarah French. Lived in Dalston.
    • Rose: born c.1875; married Ernest Harris.
      • Norman. Gordon.
  9. William: born ?; married Annie Wright.


Isaac: [8g-gf] born c.1680; married Suzanne Rousselet.

  1. Abraham: married Marie Goutiere (Gautier). A Huguenot silk-weaver; lived in Cock Lane, Stepney. Not certainly a brother of Louis.
    1. Abraham: born 1706-12-08.
    2. Marthe: born 1709-01-02.
    3. Judith: born 1711-03-15.
    4. Marie Madeleine: born 1713-11-20.
  2. Louis: [7g-gf] born 1702-03-17 in Saint-Quentin, Picardy; married Elizabeth Grosse (Gros). Marriage date of 1727-03-26 given in some sources is wrong. A Huguenot silk-weaver. Births of first five children (but not Francis) are recorded in the registers of La Patente French church, Crispin Street, Spitalfields. Surname otherwise De Bay(e), Deber, Debé.
    1. Judith: born 1722-08-19.
    2. Charles: born 1723-11-22.
    3. Jean: born 1725-04-07.
    4. Marie: born 1727-03-04.
    5. Israel: born 1729-05-13.
    6. Francis: [6g-gf] born c.1730.
      • Ann: [5g-gm] born 1755-11-28 at St Leonard's parish, Shoreditch; married William Toye; died 1833-10-05 at 5 George St, Brick Lane. New George St was parallel to Brick Lane one block to the east; the site is now built over by Truman's Brewery.


Robert: [6g-gf] born 1720; married Elizabeth. A weaver, according to the baptism record of son William.

  1. William: [5g-gf] born 1747-07-04 at St Dunstan's parish, Stepney; christened 1747-07-12 at St Matthews, Bethnal Green; married Ann Debay on 1768-10-02 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch; died 1796.
    1. Rachel: born 1768-12-13.
    2. William: born 1771.
    3. Peter: born 1773-09-04.
    4. Mary: born 1776-01-06.
    5. James: born 1780. Descendants: son Joseph (born 1807), who had a daughter Eliza Rhoda Inous (born 1832, married Thomas Richardson). Further descendants carrying the Richardson name still living in 2012.
    6. Ann: born 1783-02-23.
    7. Charlotte: born 1787-01-20 in Plough Yard, Shoreditch.
    8. Elizabeth: born 1789-07-23 at St Botolph Bishopsgate; died 1792-11-16.
    9. Jonah: [4g-gf] born 1792-03; christened 1792-07-05 at St Botolph's, Bishopsgate; married Elizabeth Tutton on 1811-12-09 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green; died 1876-02-29. His wife was born in 1795 and died about 1838-06. He was a weaver in 1843.
      1. Elizabeth: born 1812-09; died 1838-06.
      2. Sarah: [3g-gm] born 1814-11 at Montague St, Bethnal Green (now Old Montague St); married Abraham Davis on 1835-04-26.
      3. Hannah: born 1817; married James Woodley 1837-09 at Hackney.
      4. William Jonah: born 1820 at Globe Street.
      5. Mary Ann: born 1821; married Francis Potter in 1843.
      6. William Henry: born 1824; died 1886-06 at Mile End.
      7. Jonah: born 1827; died 1838-06.
      8. Eliza: born 1831.
      9. Alfred John: born 1835; married 1873-06; died 1907-03. Son Alfred John born 1874-06.
    10. Sarah: born 1794-09-04 at St Botolph Bishopsgate; died 1794-11-01.

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