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Keith Briggs - meetings attended

This page was automatically generated by written by Keith Briggs 2003 May 15

This page is very incomplete: please see my travel records for more complete information.

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Sep 04-09 Kulhuse First CRITICS workshop at Bautahøj


Feb 28 Adastral Park Bath-BT thinktank


Sep 19 Tallinn Integration of onomastic data into geo-spatial infrastructures
Sep 16 Southampton MoN12
Jun 07 Martlesham BT-York Mathematics of MIMO meeting
Mar 27 Cambridge Gateway to Mathematics Meeting: Stochastic and statistical models at the interface of modern industry and the mathematical sciences
Feb 12-15 Palermo Mobile Cloud Networking general assembly
Jan 22 York 1615 talk: Computational aspects of simultaneous Diophantine approximation


Jul 04-06 Berlin Future Network & MobileSummit
Jun 27-29 Brussels SDR'12 — WInnComm
Jun 02-08 Budapest QoSMOS meeting
Mar 30-33 Athenry SNSBI meeting
Mar 26-27 Bury St Edmunds Edmund Conference
Jan 30 Santander QoSMOS meeting


Dec 13 Coventry Warwick Uni Complexity Science in Business and Industry meeting
Nov 10-12 London Power and place in Later Roman and early medieval Europe at UCL
Oct 29 York SBSBI meeting
Oct 11-14 Aveiro QoSMOS meeting
Sep 16 Loughborough MoN10
Sep 01-02 Helsinki Quasar meeting
Jul 05-08 Berlin QoSMOS meeting
Apr 15-18 Canterbury SNSBI meeting
Apr 11 Berlin QoSMOS meeting
Apr 06-08 Grenoble QoSMOS meeting
Mar 14-16 Stockholm Quasar meeting
Mar 09 York MSc meeting
Feb 26 Cambridge Place-names and landscape: recent research
Feb 23-24 Oulu QoSMOS meeting


Aug 17-20 Sheffield Amorph International Workshop
Jun 29-31 Grenoble QoSMOS plenary meeting (Tues-Thurs)
Jun 23-27 Nottingham Perceptions of place meeting
Jun 18 St Andrews MoN9 meeting
Jun 17 Stirling Modelling and Analysis of Networked and Distributed Systems meeting
Mar 28 Ipswich Archaeology in Suffolk conference
Mar 12-15 Carmarthen SNSBI conference
Mar 11 Birmingham give maths seminar - Optimal trip planning in transport systems with random delays
Mar 10 Bristol UWE linguistics seminar
Feb 17 York MSc project meeting
Feb 10 Bath MSc project meeting
Jan 21-22 Martlesham QoSMOS kick-off meeting
Jan 16 Nottingham EPNS Council


Sep 28-Oct 02 Warwick Networks: Dynamics and Flows (NET2009) EPSRC Symposium on the Mathematics of Complexity Science and Systems Biology
Sep 18 Cambridge MoN8
Jul 10 Bath BICS Industrial Complexity Forum
Jul 04 Nottingham EPNS AGM
Jul 02 Nottingham Trip-planning meeting
Jun 30 Manchester CICADA meeting
Apr 26-29 Barcelona VTC09 Spring conference
Mar 27-29 Falmouth SNSBI Spring meeting
Feb 11 York MSc talk
Feb 10 Manchester Inaugural CICADA industrial workshop
Feb 05 Colchester University of Essex talk


Nov 26 Bath MSc project presentation
Nov 24 Oxford Alan Tayler Day (Smith Institute)
Sep 17-19 Uxbridge NET-ACE meeting, Brunel University
Sep 09-10 Sheffield Amorph meeting
Jun 27 Bristol MoN7 meeting
Jun 26 London QMUL meeting on networks
Jun 20 Egham Amorph meeting
Apr 24 London QMUL EE Open Day
Apr 04-06 Edinburgh SNSBI meeting
Mar 19 Bath The Challenge of Complexity meeting


Dec 13 London QMUL viva meeting
Dec 12 Bath MSc Industrial Advisory Board meeting
Nov 26 Oxford Alan Tayler day
Nov 24 Cambridge EEMF committee
Oct 29-31 Bordeaux Journées en l'honneur de Donald E. Knuth
Sep 24-25 London Royal Society meeting: Networks: modelling and control
Sep 17 London LMS meeting on mathematical foundations of the internet
Jul 10 BT meeting with Paul Taylor
Jun 29 London MoN6 meeting at UCL
Mar 27 QMUL Thomas Prellberg, Oscar Bandtlow etc.
Mar 07 York meeting with EE people
Feb 23 Bristol meeting with Richard Coates
Feb 22 Bristol meeting with ProVision Communications
Jan 29-30 Sheffield Amorph Workshop


Dec 07 Oxford meeting "The divergence of languages - mathematical modelling and estimation"
Nov 02 Sheffield give graph theory seminar
Nov 01 Nottingham INS visit
Oct 31 Warwick give complexity seminar
Oct 06 Guildford fundamental limits workshop
Jul 10-12 Nancy RNC7 conference
Jun 12 Bath give BICS seminar
Jun 05 Cambridge Kelly, Smith meeting
Apr 07 Oxford MoN5
Apr 03-06 Bath 56th European Study Group with Industry
Mar 15 BT Unilever meeting
Jan 10 London QMUL seminar


Nov 30 BT Smith Institute meeting
Nov 22 Bedford give Unilever seminar
Nov 21 Oxford Smith Institute meeting
Oct 20 Oxford MMCOMNET meeting
Oct 05 York MSc meeting
Oct 03-04 York Dodson meeting
Sep 16 BT talk on Markov chain dynamics
Sep 07 BT Thomas Prellberg meeting
Jul 22 QMUL MoN4 meeting
Jun 07 Manchester Differential operators on graphs meeting
Apr 28-34 Italy vacation
Apr 28 LSE graph theory talk
Mar 23 QMUL network meeting
Mar 01 York RH and abundant numbers talk
Feb 28 York talk to MSc students
Feb 17 BT optimization talk
Feb 15 Cambridge talk at Cavendish on Bayesian text processing
Feb 08 BT planar graph talk
Feb 08 BT exponential random grap talk
Jan 24 BT CRG presentation on Bayesian text processing
Jan 12-18 France vacation
Jan 11 QMUL give seminar
Jan 10 Leicester meeting on EPSRC bid


Dec 20 Imperial College Maths of Networks 3 meeting
Dec 16 BT give PICT seminar
Dec 03 BT CRG traffic matrix talk
Nov 29 BT CRG mixing time talk
Nov 22 Oxford Smith Institute meeting
Nov 19 Manchester give seminar
Oct 12 Oxford give CABDyN workshop
Sep 24 Oxford CABDyN industrial workshop
Sep 16-17 Porto Eurescom meeting
Aug 01-05 Bruges vacation
Jul 02 BT Exact maths of networks meeting
Apr 29 BT Exact Bayesian spam filtering seminar
Apr 20-21 York MSc review meeting
Mar 30-31 Heidelberg Eurescom meeting more details...
Feb 10 Canterbury give exact real seminar
Jan 31-38 Rome and Naples vacation more details...
Jan 23 BT Exact QMUL meeting
Jan 19 BT Exact Combinatorial graph theory presentation


Dec 20 Whitby vacation
Dec 19 York presentation at Winter Dynamics day
Dec 02 Oxford meeting with Felix Reed-Tsochas
Dec 02 Bristol give distributed algorithms seminar
Dec 01 Bristol complex systems meeting
Nov 23-24 Oxford Smith Institute Alan Tayler day meeting
Nov 17 BT Exact DCCP talk
Nov 07 Bristol complex systems meeting
Nov 03-06 Barcelona vacation
Nov 03 Bristol complex systems meeting
Sep 29 Bristol complex systems meeting
Sep 23 BT Exact Discrete Green's functions presentation
Sep 04 BT Exact How to count without counting presentation
Aug 03-08 Bruges vacation - EM festival
Jul 21 Oxford language modelling discussions
Jul 18 York multifractal modelling talk
Jul 10 BT Exact Optimal decoder design presentation
Jul 09 BT Exact Implementation of DCCP presentation
Jul 07 BT Exact Graph eigenvalues and connectivity presentation
Jun 12 BT Exact Richard Clegg visit - ping discussions
Jun 09 BT Exact presentation on Durand and Flajolet's loglog algorithm
May 21-28 Leipzig & Eisenach vacation more details...
May 15 BT Exact connectivity talk
Apr 24 Cambridge Geometric Integration meeting
Apr 14 BTexact presentation on Valiant's theory of the learnable
Mar 13 Cambridge Kelly - Seymour discussions
Mar 07 QMUL Wavelet talk
Mar 06 Oxford Exact real talk
Feb 13 BTexact connectivity talk
Jan 22-28 France vacation more details...
Jan 20 BTexact Order statistics presentation


Nov 29 Brunel eMathematics MSc meeting
Nov 28 Bristol meeting with Steve Wiggins more details...
Nov 27 Bath vacation
Nov 26 Oxford meeting with Natasha Kenny, Alan Lauder, Nick Trefethen, and Gesine Reinert more details...
Nov 25 Oxford Smith Institute meeting
Nov 20 Cambridge Cavendish seminar
Nov 19 BTexact Open Day tour
Oct 24 BTexact Asynchronous flow algorithms TeraTalk
Oct 10-11 BTexact Eurescom meeting
Oct 08-09 Warwick Smith Institute Complex systems thinktank meeting
Sep 26-27 Paris Linguistics conference
Sep 20 BTexact Asynchronous flow algorithms talk
Aug 15-19 York Complexity talk and discussions
Aug 02-07 Bruges vacation more details...
Aug 01 BTexact Asynchronous distributed algorithms talk
Jun 19-21 Vienna vacation
Jun 17-18 Budapest TCP markov chain modelling talk more details...
Jun 13 BTexact TeraLab talk - TCP markov chain modelling
May 29 BTexact TeraLab tour - image processing demo
May 24 BTexact Tempura talk - pervasive real arithmetic
May 13 BTexact Boolean function complexity talk
Apr 19 QMUL LRD meeting
Apr 18 BTexact TeraTalk by Geoff Rodgers
Apr 09 BTexact CR group talk
Mar 28-33 Utrecht vacation
Mar 09 Cambridge vacation
Feb 06 Imperial College network discussions and give C^2 seminar
Jan 11-15 Napoli vacation


Dec 17 BTexact TCP modelling by Markov chains talk
Dec 05 BTexact Markov chain models of TCP talk
Nov 28 Surrey IOP talk - trumpets
Nov 27 Brunel Small-world talk
Nov 26 Oxford Smith Institute meeting
Nov 19 BTexact Small-world meeting
Oct 15-17 York Small-world talk, other discussions
Oct 08 BTexact python talk
Sep 24 BTexact Gave parasitic computing talk
Sep 20 BTexact Gave image sampling talk
Aug 11 Cambridge vacation
Aug 02-05 Bruges Early music festival
Aug 01 Cologne Tatjana Vorobjova - vacation
Jul 30 Clausthal Diophantine talk more details...
Jul 25-27 Kiel Networks conference more details...
Jul 20 BTexact Complexity miniconference - image talk
Jul 08 BTexact Barenco+Arrowsmith discussion
Jul 05-06 BTexact Long-term research meeting
May 29-36 Kyiv vacation
May 15 QMUL Diophantine talk
May 02 Warwick Exact real talk more details...
May 02 Oxford Network modelling discussion more details...
May 01 Birmingham Exact real discussion more details...
Apr 30 Warwick Network meeting more details...
Apr 10 York Data analysis meeting
Mar 30-34 Holland Vacation
Feb 05 Cambridge Bayes discussion
Feb 03-04 Oxford Conference on Recent Developments in Reinert-Stollenwerk Theory
Jan 16 York maths talk exact reals


Dec 15 Cambridge Networkshop meeting
Nov 30 UMIST Give maths talk - Diophantine approximation
Nov 29 Salford Give physics talk - trumpets
Nov 28 York Give maths talk
Oct 13-36 USA MSRI Berkeley conference, Courant Institute, Georgia Tech, NASA, U Maryland, etc more details...
Aug 28-31 Denmark vacation
Aug 14 Cambridge vacation
Jul 17 BT crosstalk discussion
Jul 10-14 Edinburgh ICMP Dynamical systems conference
Jun 20-27 Freiburg small world talk
May 16 Oxford number theory discussions
May 15 Warwick TUXEDO meeting
May 03 BT ? meeting
Apr 22 Cambridge Conference on Recent Developments in Reinert-Stollenwerk Theory
Apr 18 Cambridge Bayes discussions
Apr 07-08 Loughborough dynamical systems meeting
Apr 06 BT Financial maths meeting
Mar 30 Brighton Physicists and internet meeting
Mar 27 Saclay Diophantine approximation discussions
Mar 07 Oxford vacation
Mar 06 Warwick Maths in Industry meeting
Mar 02 BT Cayley graph talk
Feb 29 QMW elliptic function talk
Feb 21 UEA trumpet talk


Feb 27-37 Germany talks & meetings more details...

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