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Anglo-Saxon charters with Old English bounds

These documents are constantly used in place-name study. There seemed to be no convenient one-volume pdf edition, so I made this one. The extracts are classified by the Sawyer (S) number. See the Electronic Sawyer for the meaning of these numbers. You will also need to refer to this for references to work citing these documents, for dates, information about authenticity, etc. See also British Academy - Royal Historical Society joint committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters and The Language of Landscape: Reading the Anglo-Saxon Countryside.

The main value of this new pdf edition is the index, which allows easy comparison of the frequency of different topographical terms, and of variant spellings. This gives a different view to that obtainable by a web-based search facility.

My version includes only sections in OE. Sometimes this is embedded in Latin. Names of witnesses are not yet indexed.

2008 Mar 10: update added missing S364 and S366.

2007 Jun 07: update includes S 1591.

2007 May 18: update includes some missing clauses (e.g. in S370).

2007 Jan 22: update includes 14 new charters and the charters with 'a'

numbers which I accidently missed before.

Please report any errors noted.


I have made three versions using each of the OE fonts designed by Peter Baker of the University of Virginia. The beowulf font mimics handwriting (recommended for those doing MS studies), whilst the junirg and junimrg fonts are modernized. See examples of the fonts below.

The files are about 14Mbytes each, and have about 530 pages.

pdf in beowulf font

pdf in junirg font

pdf in junimrg font

font examples

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