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Maps of English place-name element distribution

© 2005, 2009 Keith Briggs. Last modified 2009-04-21 11:24

I created these maps to complement those on pages li-lxii in The Cambridge dictionary of English place-names, by Victor Watts (CUP 2004).

Caveat subtractor! These maps necessarily oversimplify a complex situation:

  • Only the modern form of a name is used. Some tons are really stones, some fords are really worths, and so on.
    Please consult a reliable reference book before drawing any conclusions.
  • Due to limitations of my software, only suffixes are considered. Bury St. Edmunds does not count as a -bury.
  • There are outright errors.

Feedback and corrections to keith briggs email address.

Download all maps in one large (approximately 12Mb) pdf file.

Click on a thumbnail image to download a detailed zoomable pdf file

back,beck,beach.pdf borough,burgh,bury.pdf bourn,bourne,burn.pdf bridge.pdf by,bie.pdf
-back,beck,beach 280kb -borough,burgh,bury 268kb -bourn,bourne,burn 352kb -bridge 268kb -by,bie 268kb
chester,cester,caster.pdf cott,cote,cot.pdf don.pdf field.pdf ford.pdf
-chester,cester,caster 248kb -cott,cote,cot 272kb -don 264kb -field 292kb -ford 276kb
gate.pdf hall,hale.pdf ham.pdf hanger.pdf hay,haw,haugh.pdf
-gate 268kb -hall,hale 368kb -ham 280kb -hanger 248kb -hay,haw,haugh 264kb
head.pdf heath,hythe.pdf hoo,hoe.pdf ing,ings.pdf ington,ingham.pdf
-head 308kb -heath,hythe 268kb -hoo,hoe 252kb -ing,ings 280kb -ington,ingham 272kb
ley,leigh.pdf minster.pdf ness.pdf or.pdf stead.pdf
-ley,leigh 300kb -minster 248kb -ness 264kb -or 344kb -stead 252kb
stead,sted.pdf sted.pdf stock.pdf ston,stone.pdf stowe.pdf
-stead,sted 252kb -sted 248kb -stock 248kb -ston,stone 304kb -stowe 248kb
thorpe.pdf thwaite.pdf ton.pdf tree,try.pdf wall.pdf
-thorpe 256kb -thwaite 252kb -ton 432kb -tree,try 252kb -wall 252kb
well.pdf wich.pdf wick.pdf worth,worthy.pdf
-well 268kb -wich 248kb -wick 264kb -worth,worthy 260kb

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