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my papers

[1] Briggs, K,. Some explicit badly approximable pairs J. Number Theory, 103 71 (2003)
[2] Bedding, S, Briggs, K,. Iteration of quaternion functions Am. Math. Mon., 103 654 (1996)
[3] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. A torus map-based on jacobis sn Comput. Graph., 19 451 (1995)
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[6] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. Self-avoiding walks on quasi-lattices Int. J. Mod. Phys. B, 7 1569 (1993)
[7] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. A precise calculation of the Feigenbaum constants Math. Comput., 57 435 (1991)
[8] B. R.I. G.G. S., K, S. M.I. T.H, E. R., S. N.O. O.K, I. K., V. A.N. M.E. G.E. N., W,. Positive definiteness of the mobility matrix for computer- simulations of suspensions of hard-spheres with stick hydrodynamic boundary-conditions Phys. Lett. A, 154 149 (1991)
[9] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. An improved method for estimating liapunov exponents of chaotic time-series Phys. Lett. A, 151 27 (1990)
[10] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. Correction Phys. Rev. A, 39 914 (1989)
[11] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. On the radiation from a rotating dipole Aust. J. Phys., 41 629 (1988)
[12] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. An exact solution of the relativistic 2-body problem with scalar interaction J. Phys. A-Math. Gen., 21 1831 (1988)
[13] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. Exact 2-body solution of the lorentz-dirac equation Phys. Rev. A, 37 977 (1988)
[14] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. Simple experiments in chaotic dynamics Am. J. Phys., 55 1083 (1987)
[15] B. R.I. G.G. S., K,. 1st electrons New Sci., 113 79 (1987)
[16] Braun, A, Briggs, K. M., Boni, P,. Analytical solution to matthews' and blakeslee's critical dislocation formation thickness of epitaxially grown thin films J. Cryst. Growth, 241 231 (2002)
[17] Stollenwerk, N, Briggs, K. M.,. Master equation solution of a plant disease model Phys. Lett. A, 274 84 (2000)
[18] Briggs, K. M., Alvarez, G,. Scaling in a map of the two-torus Exp. Math., 9 301 (2000)
[19] Willis, K. J., Kleczkowski, A, Briggs, K. M., Gilligan, C. A.,. The role of sub-milankovitch climatic forcing in the initiation of the northern hemisphere glaciation Science, 285 568 (1999)
[20] Briggs, K. M., Dixon, T. W., Szekeres, G,. Analytic solutions of the Cvitanovic-Feigenbaum and Feigenbaum- Kadanoff-Shenker equations Int. J. Bifurcation Chaos, 8 347 (1998)
[21] Dixon, T. W., Kenny, B. G., Briggs, K. M.,. On the universality of singular circle maps Phys. Lett. A, 231 359 (1997)
[22] Snook, I. K., Briggs, K. M., Smith, E. R.,. Hydrodynamic interactions and some new periodic structures in three particle sediments Physica A, 240 547 (1997)
[23] T. H.O. M.P. S.O. N., C. J., B. R.I. G.G. S., K. M., F. A.R. R.E. L.L, P, F. L.E. M.I. N.G, A, H. O.C. K.I. N.G, B, J. O.Y. N.E. R., K, A. N.D. E.R. S.O. N., V, W. O.O. D., A. W.,. Nonlinear dynamics of charged-particles interacting with combined ac-dc electromagnetic-fields Physica A, 220 471 (1995)
[24] B. R.I. G.G. S., K. M., E. N.T. I.N. G., I. G., G. U.T. T.M. A.N. N., A. J.,. Series studies of the Potts-model .2. bulk series for the square lattice J. Phys. A-Math. Gen., 27 1503 (1994)
[25] B. A.A. K.E, E, B. A.A. K.E, M, B. O.C. K., H. G., B. R.I. G.G. S., K. M.,. Fitting ordinary differential-equations to chaotic data Phys. Rev. A, 45 5524 (1992)
[26] B. R.I. G.G. S., K. M., Q. U.I. S.P. E.L, G. R.W, T. H.O. M.P. S.O. N., C. J.,. Feigenvalues for mandelsets J. Phys. A-Math. Gen., 24 3363 (1991)
[27] B. R.I. G.G. S., K. M.,. Non-commuting New Sci., 108 71 (1985)
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