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Oddities of US English

  • "I am a strong supporter of NADO" (G. W. Bush) - does he mean the North Atlantic Dreaty Organization?
  • "The road was blocked by snow and it was impassible to get through" - why bother with the last three words?
  • "I will decide on the basis of this criteria" - one of the last two words must be wrong - how do I tell which?
  • "The 19th century was a significant error in the history of mankind"
  • Am I irritated when Americans ask themselves a question and then answer it? - I sure am!
  • "Please fasten your seatbelts; we will be landing momentarily" - what, and taking off again straight away?
  • "... quote unquote ..." - why is there never anything between the quotes?
  • "cadré (sic)" - the word is cadre (one syllable)!
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