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Shakespeare's contributions to mathematics

  • `his sin be multiplied' - King Henry VI part 2 II.i
  • `some high powers' - Julius Caesar V.i
  • `I will not touch a bit' - As You Like It II.vii
  • `several sins, all used in each degree' - Richard III V.ii
  • `'Tis a derivative' - Winter's Tale III.ii
  • `at an infinite rate' - The Merry Wives of Windsor II.ii
  • `order of the field' - Troilus and Cressida IV.v
  • `Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms!' - Romeo I.i
  • `O, thou hast damnable iteration...' - King Henry IV part 1 I.ii
  • `This chaos, when degree is suffocate' - Troilus and Cressida I.iii
  • `Which manifold record not matches?' - Timon of Athens I.i
  • `Chaos is come again' - Othello III.iii
  • `we delight in physics' - Macbeth II.iii
  • `Transform me then, and to your power I'll yield' - The Comedy of Errors, III.ii
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