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Keith Briggs - travel 1984

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Jul 01Adelaidestart trip
Jul 01-04Singapore
Jul 05Londonstay at 10 Lemonwell Court, Bexley Rd, SE9
Jul 05Eltham
Jul 06Greenwich
Jul 07Twickenham
Jul 09Hampton Courtwith Karin and Graham
Jul 10Basingstoke
Jul 12Cambridgewith Graham
Jul 12Stapleford
Jul 14Oxford
Jul 20?Salisbury(Jul 23?)
Jul 21Windsor
Jul 24Rochester
Jul 24LondonNoye's Fludde at St Andrew's church, Holborn Circus
Jul 25Heathrowflight to Brussels
Jul 26Brugestrain
Jul 26Genttrain
Jul 27Antwerptrain
Jul 27Amsterdam
Jul 28Amsterdamtrain to Copenhagen
Jul 29Copenhagentrain to Oslo
Jul 30Oslotrain to Trondheim
Aug 01Trondheimbaroque music course start
Aug 08Trondheimbaroque music course end
Aug 09Trondheimnight train to Copenhagen via. Oslo
Aug 10Copenhagentrain to Brussels via Amsterdam
Aug 11Brusselsflight to London
Aug 12Londontrain to Bath
Aug 12Bathbaroque music course start
Aug 19Bathbaroque music course end
Aug 20Bathtrain to London. Dinner with Karin
Aug 23Chichestertrain trip with Graham
Aug 24Norwichtrain trip with Graham
Aug 25Stratford-on-Avontrain trip with Graham
Aug 28Chesterby train
Aug 29Bangorjob interview, train back to London
Aug ??Liverpool
Aug 30LondonKarin leaves
Aug 31LondonParis train-ferry via Dover and Calais
Sep 01Chartres
Sep 01Versailles
Sep 02Rouen
Sep 03Reims
Sep 04Strasbourg
Sep 05Luxembourg
Sep 05Trier
Sep 06Freiburg
Sep 06Basel
Sep 07Luzern
Sep 07Zurich
Sep 08Brig
Sep 09Aix-en-Provencevia Lyon
Sep 10Arles
Sep 10Nîmes?
Sep 11Genoa
Sep 12Pisa
Sep 13Florence
Sep 14Rome
Sep 15Padua
Sep 15Venice
Sep 16Vienna
Sep 17Salzburg
Sep 18Munich
Sep 19Lübeck
Sep 20Köln
Sep 21Bonn
Sep 22Aachen
Sep 23Caenvia Paris
Sep 24Paris
Sep 25Londonvia train-ferry
Sep 27Bangorstart new job
Sep 28Beaumarishome
Nov 05Chester
Nov 06Liverpoolby bike from Chester
Dec 15-19Dublinvisit Maria
Dec 24Caernarfonbike ride

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