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Keith Briggs - travel 1990

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Apr 27 1100Melbournegive chaos seminar at La Trobe university
Jun 30Melbournestart of trip flight to Kuala Lumpur
Jun 30Kuala Lumpur
Jul 01Kuala Lumpurflight to Frankfurt
Jul 02 1203Frankfurttrain Jena West via Erfurt-Weimar arr. 1833
Jul 03Naumburg
Jul 03Bad Kösen
Jul 03Weimar
Jul 04Saalfeld
Jul 04Rudolstadt
Jul 05Jenatrain to Berlin
Jul 06Potsdam
Jul 07Berlinbike ride
Jul 08Wernigerodetrain to Michaelstein music course
Jul 08-15Michaelsteinbaroque music course
Jul 15Quedlinburg
Jul 16JenaValter visits
Jul ??Erfurt
Jul ??Arnstadt
Jul 19Jenatrain to Hamburg
Jul ??Hillerød
Jul 19Bebratrain - start Eurail pass
Jul 20-21Copenhagen
Jul 22 2115Copenhagentrain to Oslo
Jul 23 0755Oslotrain to Trondheim arr. 1430
Jul 23-31Trondheimbaroque music course
Jul 24Trondheimbus Gruppekort starts
Aug 02 0825Trondheimtrain to Oslo arr. 1507
Aug 03 1100Oslotrain to Copenhagen arr. 2054
Aug 04?Helsingør
Aug 04Copenhagenconcert by Opus 4 at Bymuseet
Aug 05 0915Copenhagentrain to Köln arr. 1848
Aug 07 0908Kölntrain-ferry to London via Oostende arr. 1554
Aug ??Cambridgecar with Jackie
Aug 12 1011Londontrain to Chester from Euston
Aug ??Liverpooltrain
Aug 16Colwyn Baytrain from Chester
Aug 17Liverpooltrain from Chester
Aug 18 1011Crewetrain to Euston
Aug ??Cambridgetrain with Gyrid
Aug ??Altrincham
Aug ??Neston
Aug ??Liverpool
Aug 21Londonflight Gatwick-Denver
Aug 21Denver
Aug 21-24Bouldervisit Jim Meiss
Aug 25-27San Franciscovisit Tony Ladd
Aug 29Melbourneend of trip

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