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Keith Briggs - travel 2003

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Jan 22 1750LondonStansted flight GO663 to Lyon
Jan 23 1011Lyontrain TGV to Avignon
Jan 23Orange
Jan 24AvignonHotel Cloître Saint Louis
Jan 24 0948Marseille
Jan 25 1007Nîmes
Jan 25Montpellier
Jan 26Arles
Jan 27 1624Avignontrain TGV to Lyon
Jan 28 1015Lyonflight GO639 to Stansted
Mar 06OxfordExact real talk
Mar 07LondonQMUL Wavelet talk
Mar 13CambridgeKelly - Seymour discussions
Apr 24Cambridgeday trip by train with bike
Apr 24CambridgeGeometric Integration meeting
May 21Ipswichtrain to Stratford
May 21Londonflight BA1894 to Frankfurt from City Airport
May 21 1921Frankfurttrain to Leipzig arr. 2234
May 21-25LeipzigHotel Novotel
May 22Köthen
May 23Dresden
May 25ErmlitzSusanne Ehrhardt's concert
May 25 1933Leipzigtrain to Eisenach
May 25-29EisenachVilla Elisabeth
May 26Mühlhausen
May 27Gothabike to Wechmar, Arnstadt, Dornheim and Neudietendorf
May 27Wechmar
May 27Mühlberg
May 27Arnstadt
May 27Dornheim
May 28Schmalkalden
May 28Meiningen
May 29Wartburg
May 29 1057Eisenachtrain to Frankfurt
May 29 1715Frankfurtflight BA1895 to London City
Jul 12Ipswichtrain to Manningtree, bike to Dedham
Jul 16Ipswichtrain to York
Jul 18Yorkmultifractal modelling talk
Jul 19Newcastlevisit Arbeia
Jul 21Oxfordlanguage modelling discussions
Aug 03Ipswichtrain to London
Aug 03 1418LondonEurostar to Lille
Aug 03Lilletrain to Bruges
Aug 03-08Brugesvacation - EM festival
Aug 05Haringeorgan tour
Aug 05Ypresorgan tour
Aug 05Oostkamporgan tour
Aug 05Assebroukorgan tour
Aug 06AntwerpVleeshuis
Aug 0?Gent
Aug 08Brugestrain to Brussels
Aug 08 1258Brusselstrain to London
Aug 08Ipswichhome
Aug ??Lowestoft
Aug ??Caistor St Edmund
Sep 29Bristolcomplex systems meeting
Sep 30Cardiffby train from Bristol
Oct 11IpswichAnglia plus train pass
Nov 02Ipswichtrain to Bristol
Nov 03Bristolcomplex systems meeting
Nov 03-06Barcelonavacation
Nov 05?Tarragona
Nov 07Bristolcomplex systems meeting
Nov 07Bristoltrain to Ipswich
Nov 23Ipswichtrain to Cambridge, bus to Oxford
Nov 23-24OxfordSmith Institute Alan Tayler day meeting
Dec 01Bristolcomplex systems meeting
Dec 02Bristolgive distributed algorithms seminar
Dec 02Oxfordmeeting with Felix Reed-Tsochas
Dec 19Yorkpresentation at Winter Dynamics day
Dec 20Whitbyvacation

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