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Keith Briggs - travel 2005

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Jan 09Leicestertrain dep. Ipswich 1402, change Ely
Jan 10Leicestermeeting at University
Jan 11London0900 train Leicester to St Pancras, 1600 give seminar
Jan 12 1240MarseilleEZY5383
Jan 12 1809Avignonvia TGV train
Jan 13 1007Nîmesby train from Avignon
Jan 13 1100Pont-du-Gardbus from Nîmes
Jan 14 0945Arlestrain from Avignon
Jan 14Barbegalby bike from Arles
Jan 14Montmajourby bike from Arles
Jan 15Villeneuvewalk from Avignon
Jan 16 1055MarseilleTGV train from Avignon
Jan 17 1048Aix-en-Provencetrain from Marseille
Jan 17Entremontwalk from Aix-en-Provence
Jan 18MarseilleEZY5384 to Gatwick
Jan 20Ipswichback at work
Feb 15Cambridgeby train, Anglia day pass
Feb 25Yorktrain from Ipswich
Feb 26Riponby bus from York
Feb 26Fountainswalk from Ripon
Feb 27Scarboroughby bus from York
Feb 28Yorktalk at University
Mar 01YorkRiemann Hypothesis talk at University
Mar 23Londonnetwork meeting at QMUL
Apr 03Manchesterby train from Ipswich dep. 1202 via Peterborough
Apr 04Bangorby train from Manchester dep. 1004
Apr 04Beaumarisby bus 57 from Bangor dep. 1212
Apr 05ManchesterMSc steering committee meeting
Apr 06Ipswichhome by train from Manchester dep. 0938
Apr 06Elystopover
Apr 16Harwichby train and bike from Ipswich
Apr 28LondonLSE talk
Apr 28 1920Trevisoflight FR798 from Stansted
Apr 29Veniceby train from Treviso at 1113
Apr 30Bolognaby train from Treviso
May 01Ravennaby train from Bologna
May 02Veronaby train from Bologna
May 02Bresciaby train from Verona
May 03Bresciamuseum
May 04Stanstedflight FR315 from Montichiari
May 04Ipswichhome
May 22Grime's Graves
May 22Thetford
Jun 07ManchesterDifferential operators on graphs meeting
Jun 18Colchesterby train, cycle home
Jul 16YoxfordPeasenhall etc. Train to Darsham, bike home.
Jul 22LondonMoN4 at QMUL
Jul 30Brusselsby Eurostar from London dep. 1639 arr. 2010
Jul 31Brugesby train from Brussels dep. 1210
Aug 01Bruges
Aug 01Dammeby bike from Bruges
Aug 01Moerkerkby bike from Bruges
Aug 01Donkby bike from Bruges
Aug 01Sijseleby bike from Bruges
Aug 01Bruges
Aug 02Antwerpby train from Bruges
Aug 03Brugescompetition finale
Aug 04Bruges"ter Potterie" museum
Aug 05Leuvenby train from Bruges
Aug 05Brusselsdep. 1701 for London
Aug 05Ipswichhome arr. 2130
Aug 21Cambridgebike+train, Grantchester, Trumpington, Stapleford
Sep 24Elsworthbike from Cambridge
Sep 30Yorktrain from Ipswich
Oct 01YorkNorse conference
Oct 02Hexhamtrain via Newcastle
Oct 02Chesters
Oct 02Housesteads
Oct 02Vindolanda
Oct 03YorkDodson meeting
Oct 04YorkDodson meeting
Oct 05YorkMSc meeting
Oct 05Ipswichhome
Oct 20OxfordMMCOMNET meeting
Nov 13Greenwichby train and bike
Nov 21OxfordSmith Institute meeting
Nov 22Bedfordgive Unilever seminar
Nov 22Trevisoflight from Luton
Nov 23Florencetrain from Treviso
Nov 24Sienatrain from Florence
Nov 25Rometrain from Florence
Nov 29Stanstedflight from Rome

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