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Keith Briggs - travel 2017

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Dec 08Martleshamhome via LHR
Dec 06-07AthensSPEED-5G meeting
Dec 03Knossosby bus from Heraklion
Dec 02-05Heraklionvia LHR and ATH
Nov 20OxfordAlan Tayler Day
Nov 05Irvineby train from Glasgow
Nov 03Dundeeby train via Stirling and Perth
Nov 02-06GlasgowSNSBI meeting
Sep 29OxfordInFoMM meet-the-students event
Sep 16LavenhamSIAH Wheeler conference by bike from Sudbury
Sep 16Sudburyby train from Ipswich
Sep 12FalmerMoN16 meeting
Sep 12-13LewesPelham House
Sep 08Garmisch-Partenkirchenby train from Munich
Sep 05-07MunichSPEED-5G meeting
Sep 04Munichby train from Sopron (change Wien Hauptbahnhof and Salzburg)
Sep 03Wulkaprodersdorfby train from Eisenstadt
Sep 03Eisenstadtby train from Sopron. Haydn house visit.
Sep 02-03Sopronby train from Debrecen, Hotel Pannonia
Aug 27-Sep 01DebrecenICOS meeting. Malom Hotel.
Aug 26Budapestfrom Luton. Callas House
Aug 25Bedford
Jul 01BelsteadSIAH excursion
Jun 23Stanstedhome!
Jun 21-22TurinFlex5Gware meeting
Jun 20Aostaby train from Turino Porta Susa
Jun 19Albaby train from Turino Porta Susa
Jun 18Turinby train from Malpensa via Milano Centrale
Jun 17MilanMalpensa airport
Jun 17Sigtunaby bus from Arlanda
Jun 16Helsinkiby train from Tampere
Jun 15Tampereby train from Oulu
Jun 12-15OuluEuCNC 2017 meeting, via Gatwick and Helsinki
May 09CambridgeMansoor's away day
May 03-05MartleshamSPEED-5G meeting
Apr 05Martleshamhome!
Apr 04GuildfordSPEED-5G meeting
Apr 03Schipholby train from Utrecht; flight to LCY
Apr 02Amersfoortby train from Deventer
Apr 02Deventerby train from Utrecht
Mar 31Utrechtby train from Leeuwarden
Mar 31Dokkumby bus from Leeuwarden
Mar 30Sneekby train from Hindeloopen
Mar 30Hindeloopenby train from Leeuwarden
Mar 29Leeuwardenby train from Amersfoort
Mar 28-29SoesterbergCRITICS Spring meeting; by train to Amersfoort and bus 52
Mar 27Schiphol
Mar 27HeathrowT5
Mar 26HenleySNSBI Chilterns coach tour
Mar 24-27MiltonSNSBI annual conference
Mar 24OxfordInFoMM short course
Mar 18ChelmsfordLost Landscapes meeting at ERO
Mar 11ElmswellSIAH lecture & council by bike via East Harling, Garboldisham, Blo Norton, Thelnetham, Hopton, Barningham, Stanton, Hunston (50km)
Mar 10Attleboroughby bike from Wymondham (from Norwich 40km)
Mar 10Wymondhamby bike from Norwich
Mar 10NorwichRO visit
Feb 17OxfordInFoMM project day & Reddick lecture
Feb 16Heathrowfrom Athens; Thistle Hotel T5
Feb 14-16AthensSPEED-5G meeting
Feb 13Corinthby train from Athens via Doukissis Plakentias
Feb 12Aeginaby ferry from Piraeus
Feb 11Kerameikos
Feb 10Athensfrom Heathrow
Feb 09BathMSc project talk
Feb 08BathTravelodge Riverside
Jan 27OxfordInFoMM project workshop
Jan 14ElmswellSIAH lecture & council
Jan 02MartleshamBank holiday

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