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Suffolk place-names course

On 2012-11-10 I gave a one-day course on the history of Suffolk place-names at Wuffing Education.

Also available here is the pdf of my 10-page handout giving the elements making up each Suffolk parish name (Welnetham was missing from the handout on the day; this is now fixed).

Click here for a webpage with reference material on Suffolk parish names.

some positive feedback: what was best about the day?

  • Wonderful day — thanks
  • Good resources
  • Wealth of information
  • Like standing on a hill looking at a deep valley that could be explored (if only one had time)
  • The collections of word ‘units’ which is extremely complete and concise and which will be very useful for the future
  • Very interesting topic and targeted at Suffolk. Excellent
  • The speaker's depth of knowledge
  • Lecturer's knowledge
  • Some excellent specific stuff, illustrating certain theses
  • Very methodical and careful approach of the speaker
  • Variety of topics
  • All good
  • It might have been a crowded schedule but it left a lot for us to follow up. Better too much than too little.

some negative feedback

... mostly concerned a few technical points like readability of names on maps. These will be attended to if the course is repeated.

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