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Clare, Clere, and Clères

This article of mine appears in the Journal of the English Place-Name Society, 41, 7-25 (2009). It discusses a possible Latin origin of the name of Clare in Suffolk, as well as Kingsclere, Highclere and Burghclere in Hampshire.

A pdf preprint is available here (1.5Mb). This is typeset with pdfLaTeX and looks much better than the printed version, but has different pagination. There are no applicable errata.

A pdf offprint from the journal is available here (5.5Mb). The errata below apply to this. Note that this pdf does not have bibliographic details for EPNS volumes like “PN Nf” etc. These can be found here. They are already in the pdf preprint linked above.

bibtex citation

@STRING(JEPNS="Journal of the English Place-name Society")
  author={Keith Briggs},
  title={Clare, Clere, and Cl\`eres},


  1. The running header should read CLARE, CLERE, AND CLÈRES
  2. On page 9, for "modern St-Martinde-Bienfaite-la-Cressonnière" read "modern St-Martin-de-Bienfaite-la-Cressonnière"
  3. On page 15, line -4, for "an occasional spelling for OE;" read "an occasional spelling for OE ǣ;"
  4. On page 16, on the third line of the paragraph starting "It is apparent", for "unavailable for the sound;" read "unavailable for the sound ǣ;"
  5. On page 17, line 4 of the second paragraph, for "OE r" read "OE ǣr"
  6. On pages 23 and 25, for départment read département
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