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python libraries

C libraries

  • very_nauty - graph theory software for clique and chromatic number
  • mpfs - stochastic lazy exact floating-point arithmetic
  • graphlib - low-level graph library
  • fps - formal power series library
  • xrc - exact real arithmetic in C
  • Ode - command line ode solver
  • pipemath - shell pipeline data analysis

C and python codes


  • - generate pinwheel aperiodic tiling
  • quintic.c - analyse a quintic
  • e.c - e=? (by Andrew Conway)
  • god.c - bit guesser (with Adrian Stacey)


  • XR: exact real arithmetic in python and C++ (please use xrc or mpfs instead)
  • doubledouble
  • dlia - Liapunov exponents of time series
  • ode 2.6 - my classic MSDOS ODE solver from 1991 (still works in Windows)
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