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Keith Briggs - travel 1995

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Jan 23 1200Perth (WA)flight AN84 to Adelaide
Jan ??Nuriootpavisit Roger's organ workshop
Jan 30Adelaideflight QF482 to Melbourne
Feb 02 1420Melbourneflight QF425 to Perth
Feb ??BusseltonWA
May 08 1630Perth (WA)give Feigenbaum seminar at Murdoch University
Jun 16 1655Perth (WA)flight BA12 to London
Jun 17 0745Londonflight BA4412 to Manchester
Jul 17-22Chestervisit David Smith
Jul 21Bangortrain day trip from Chester
Jun 23Cardiffgive Feigenbaum seminar at Physics Dept.
Jun 24?Breconcar trip with Lesley
Jun 24?Herefordcar trip with Lesley
Jun 24?Tinterncar trip with Lesley
Jun 24?Ross-on-Wyecar trip with Lesley
Jun 25Cardiffbus to Heathrow
Jun 25 1215Londonflight BA314 to Paris
Jun 27Parisstart Eurail pass - used July 2,8,13,28
Jun 27 1500ParisTGV to Lyon
Jun 28-33LyonFimotel Gerland
Jul 02Lyontrain to Stuttgart
Jul 03-07Stuttgartvisit Maria Haase
Jul 04Tübingen
Jul 05 1430StuttgartUniversity - give seminar on functional equations
Jul ??Memmingenwith Maria - was this 1995?
Jul ??Ottobeurenwith Maria - was this 1995?
Jul 08Brementrain to Oldenburg
Jul 9-12OldenburgNumerical methods and error bounds conference
Jul ?Leipzig
Jul ?Arnstadt
Jul ?Reuth
Jul 15 1716Plauentrain to Berlin arr. 2120
Jul 17 1155Berlinflight BA3306 to Oslo
Jul 18 0800Oslotrain to Trondheim
Jul 19-27Trondheimbaroque music summer course Lilletorget Hotell
Jul 29 0805Trondheimtrain to Oslo
Jul 29-30OsloMeet Rosemary and Gyrid
Jul 31 1430Oslogive Feigenbaum seminar at Oslo University
Aug 01 1210Osloflight BA763 to London
Aug 03 1430Londongive Feigenbaum seminar at King's College
Aug 05 1550Londonflight BA215 to Boston
Aug 05-08Boston MATerrace Motor Lodge
Aug 06Boston MAtrain to New York
Aug 08-09New YorkBest Western President Hotel
Aug 10 1511New Yorkflight US1741 to San Francisco
Aug 10-13San FranciscoAmericania Hotel
Aug 11NASA Amesvisit David Bailey
Aug 11Berkeley
Aug 13 1900San Franciscoflight QF312 to LA
Aug 13 2230Los Angelesflight QF12 to Sydney
Aug 15 0925Sydneyflight QF507 to Perth (WA)
Dec 11 1215Perth (WA)flight QF624 to Adelaide
Dec 19 0835Adelaideflight QF559 to Perth (WA)

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