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Keith Briggs - travel 2001

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Jan 16Yorkgive maths talk exact reals
Feb 03-04Oxford
Feb 05CambridgeBayes discussion
Mar 30 1040Harwichferry to Hook of Holland
Mar 30Hook of Hollandtrain to Utrecht
Mar 30-34UtrechtHotel de Admiraal 4 nights
Mar 31Amsterdam
Mar ??Groningen?? was this 2001??
Apr 01? 1600Hook of Hollandferry to Harwich
Apr 09Ipswichtrain to York
Apr 10YorkData analysis meeting
Apr 29Coventryby train from Ipswich
Apr 29CoventryAshleigh House
Apr 30CoventryWarwick Uni network meeting
May 01BirminghamExact real discussion
May 02OxfordNetwork modelling discussion
May 02CoventryWarwick Uni Exact real talk at 1600
May ??Warwickcastle
May 15LondonQMUL Diophantine talk with Natasha
May 29-36Kyivvacation
Jul 23Düsseldorfflight UK2284 from Stansted - Hotel Berial
Jul 24 1031Düsseldorftrain to Kiel via Hamburg
Jul 25-27KielNetworks conference
Jul 27-28HamburgHotel Novum Hamburg
Jul 29 0924Hamburgtrain to Goslar via Göttingen
Jul 29GoslarVisit Thomas Prellberg
Jul 30ClausthalTalk "Simultaneous Diophantine approximation and linearization of C^2 maps" at 1100
Jul 31 1018Goslartrain Hannover 1120-1200 Köln 1450-1502 Brugge 1901
Aug 02-05BrugesHotel Anselmus Early music festival
Aug 0?Brugestrain to London via Brussels
Aug 18Cambridge
Oct 15-17YorkSmall-world talk, other discussions
Nov 25Ipswichtrain to Oxford
Nov 26OxfordSmith Institute meeting - Keble College
Nov 27UxbridgeSmall-world talk
Nov 28GuildfordIOP talk - trumpets
Nov 30Ipswichhome

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