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Keith Briggs - travel 2004

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Jan 31 1325Stanstedflight FR3008 to Rome Ciampino
Jan 31-34RomeHotel Corona
Feb 01Ostia
Feb 03Rometrain to Naples
Feb 04-07NaplesHotel Europa
Feb 04Pompeii
Feb 05?Benevento
Feb 06Pozzuoli
Feb 07 1450Romeflight Ciampino to Stansted
Feb 09Ipswichtrain to Canterbury
Feb 10Canterburygive exact real seminar
Mar 26 1315Londoncity airport LH4809 to Frankfurt
Mar 26-29FrankfurtVictoria Hotel
Mar 27?Mainz
Mar 28Kronberg
Mar 30-31Heidelbergby train for Eurescom meeting
Apr 01Frankfurtflight LH4808 to London
Apr 20Ipswichtrain to York
Apr 20-21YorkMSc review meeting
May 02Saxmundhambike trip
Jun 05Cambridgewith Min and Irene
Jul 31 1035Ipswichtrain to London
Jul 31 1442LondonEurostar to Brussels
Jul 31 1837Brusselstrain to Bruges
Jul 31 2030Brugesconcert I Barocchisti
Aug 01 1130Brugesconcert D Moroney
Aug 01Dammebike ride
Aug 01Sluisbike ride
Aug 01Knokke-Heistbike ride
Aug 01Zeebruggebike ride
Aug 01 2030Brugesconcert Helsinki BO
Aug 02 1130Brugesconcert H Kurosaki - L Nicolson
Aug 02Kortrijkby train from Bruges
Aug 02 2030Brugesconcert Il Fondamento
Aug 03 1130Brugesconcert K Haugsand
Aug 03Gentby train from Bruges
Aug 03 2030Brugesconcert Arte Musica Milano
Aug 04 1130Brugesconcert M Gratton - M Reindlova
Aug 04 1600Brugesfortepiano final
Aug 04 2030Brugesharpsichord final
Aug 05 1031Brugestrain to Brussels
Aug 05 1258Brusselseurostar to London
Aug 05 1500Londontrain to Ipswich
Aug 05 1800Ipswichhome
Aug 28Norwichwith Min, Linlin & Irene
Sep 15PortoBA 6864 dep Gatwick 1350 arr 1605
Sep 16-17PortoEurescom meeting
Sep 18Bragaby train from Porto
Sep 19Peso da Réguaby train from Porto
Sep 20IpswichBA 6865 dep Porto 1650
Sep 24OxfordCABDyN industrial workshop
Sep 25Callevaby train & foot via Reading & Mortimer
Oct 12Oxfordgive CABDyN seminar
Nov 18 1400Ipswichtrain to London
Nov 18 1902Londontrain to Manchester arr. 2145
Nov 19 1330Manchestergive seminar
Nov 20 0925Manchestertrain to Wolverhampton
Nov 20Wolverhamptontrain to Telford
Nov 20 1145Telfordbus 96 to Ironbridge
Nov 20 1702Ironbridgebus 9 to Telford, train to Wolverhampton
Nov 20Wolverhamptonstay at York Hotel
Nov 21 1100Wolverhamptonbus to Birmingham arr. 1245
Nov 21 1303Birminghamtrain to Oxford, meet Gesine
Nov 22OxfordSmith Institute meeting
Nov 22 1635Oxfordtrain to Ispwich via London
Dec 20LondonImperial College meeting

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