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Keith Briggs - travel 2007

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Dec 13Ipswichhome
Dec 13LondonQMUL viva meeting
Dec 12BathMSc Industrial Advisory Board meeting
Dec 11Bathby train from Swindon, dep. 1659
Dec 11Cirencesterby bus from Avebury via Swindon
Dec 11Aveburyby bus from Swindon, dep. 0910
Dec 10Swindonby train from Ipsiwch, dep. 1408
Nov 27Ipswichhome by train at 1238
Nov 26OxfordAlan Tayler day
Nov 25Oxfordby bus at 1140 from Cambridge
Nov 24CambridgeUL, EEMF committee; by train from Ipswich at 1216
Nov 04Ipswichhome
Nov 03Albiby train from Toulouse (1158; 1550)
Nov 02Carcassonneby train from Toulouse
Nov 01-04Toulousevacation
Oct 29-31BordeauxJournées en l'honneur de Donald E. Knuth
Sep 25Ipswichhome
Sep 24-25LondonRoyal Society meeting: Networks: modelling and control
Sep 23Londontrain from Southampton
Sep 23Southamptontrain from Winchester
Sep 22Winchestertrain from Portsmouth
Sep 22Portsmouthtrain from Fishbourne
Sep 22Fishbournewalk from Chichester
Sep 22Chichestertrain from Winchester
Sep 21Winchestertrain from Ipswich
Sep 17LondonLMS meeting on mathematical foundations of the internet
Sep 15Woodbridgewalk from Martlesham
Aug 26Ikentrain from Woodbridge, bike home (50km)
Aug 11Colchestertrain from Woodbridge, cycle home via Dedham (65km total)
Aug 04Earl Soham+ Saxtead and Framlingham, by bike. 60km total.
Jul 21Colchestertrain from Woodbridge, cycle home (48km in 2h20m)
Jun 29LondonMoN6 meeting at UCL
Jun 17Helminghamby bike
Jun 09Felixstoweby bike
Jun 02Silverlace Green(x2 - Benhall and Parham) by train + bike via Saxmundham and Sweffling
May 05NorwichFor Monteverdi Vespers on May 06
Apr 29ClareCavendish, Long Melford etc.
Apr 14Aldeburghby train + bike via Saxmundham
Mar 12Ipswichhome
Mar 12Durham
Mar 11Carlisle
Mar 11Corbridgeby train from Durham
Mar 10Durham
Mar 10Richmondby bus from Darlington
Mar 10Darlington
Mar 09Selbyby bus from York
Mar 07Yorkmeeting with EE people
Mar 03Ipswichhome
Mar 03Cambridgebike+train
Feb 26Ipswichhome - dep. Wareham 1032
Feb 25Wareham
Feb 25Dorchesterby train from Weymouth
Feb 25Weymouthby train from Wareham
Feb 24Corfe Castle
Feb 24Worth Matraversby bus and foot from Wareham via Kingston
Feb 23Warehamby train from Bristol via Dorchester
Feb 23Bristolmeeting with Richard Coates
Feb 22Bristolmeeting with ProVision Communications
Feb 17Felixstoweby bike
Feb 03Cretinghamand Brandeston by bike
Jan 31Yorkvisit MSc students, give talk
Jan 29-30SheffieldAmorph Workshop
Jan 28Derby
Jan 28Ipswich1203 start trip to Derby via Peterborough
Jan 06BecclesEEMF Epiphany party - Gabrieli, Marenzio etc.

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