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Keith Briggs - travel 2008

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Dec 06Stonham Aspalby bike 60km total
Nov 26BathBICS MSc meeting
Nov 25BristolRecord Office
Nov 24OxfordSmith Institute meeting
Nov 23Readingon way to Oxford
Oct 27Ipswichhome
Oct 27Pevenseyby train from Hastings
Oct 27Hastingswalk from St Leonards
Oct 26St Leonardsby train from Battle
Oct 26Battleby train from Chichester
Oct 25ChichesterSNSBI conference
Oct 13Ipswichhome by bike from Lavenham - 48km
Oct 12Lavenhamby bike from Cambridge - 72km
Oct 12Cavendishby bike from Cambridge
Oct 12Clareby bike from Cambridge
Oct 12Stoke-by-Clareby bike from Cambridge
Oct 12Haverhillby bike from Cambridge
Oct 11Cambridgeovernight
Oct 11ElsworthEEMF Blow workshop. By train and bike via Cambridge.
Sep 20Ipswichhome
Sep 20Freemantle(Cottington Hill) by foot from Kingsclere
Sep 20Kingsclereby bus 32A 09:40 from Basingstoke
Sep 19Basingstokeby train from West Drayton
Sep 17-19UxbridgeBrunel University NET-ACE conference
Sep 8-9SheffieldAmorph meeting
Aug 23Merseaby train & bike - 85km total
Aug 10Pettaughby bike 55 km total
Jul 27Woodbridgeby bike
Jul 26Framsdenand Coddenham by bike - 55km total
Jul 12Felixstoweby bike
Jun 28Malmesburyby bus from Chippenham
Jun 28Chippenhamby train from Bristol
Jun 27BristolMoN7 meeting
Jun 26LondonQMUL meeting on networks
Jun 20EghamAmorph meeting
Jun 15Debenhambike ride via Otley, Pettaugh, Coddenham. 67 km total.
Jun 07Birmingham
Jun 06Oswestryby bus from Shrewsbury
Jun 06Wroxeterby bus from Shrewsbury
Jun 06Shrewsburytrain from Manchester
Jun 05Cunliffe(i.e. Lower Cunliffe). Train via Blackburn and Rishton
Jun 05ManchesterMSc Industrial Steering Committee meeting
Jun 04NottinghamINS
May 24Dunwichby train & bike from Darsham, cycle home. 66km total
May 22CambridgeUL, Max
May 10MarlesfordUfford, Eyke etc - 55km bike ride
May 03Falkenhambike ride
May 01Ipswichhome
May 01London
May 01Parisdep. 1413
May 01Rouendep. 1158
Apr 30Rouenlibraries
Apr 29Fécamptrain from Rouen
Apr 28Rouendep. Clères 1538
Apr 28Clèresdep. Dieppe 1223
Apr 28Dieppedep. Rouen 0925
Apr 27Rouen
Apr 26Rouendep. Paris 1758
Apr 26Louvresby RER from Paris
Apr 25Beauvaisdep. Paris 1018
Apr 24ParisEurostar dep. 1625
Apr 24London
Apr 06Linlithgowcoach trip from Edinburgh
Apr 04-07EdinburghSNSBI Spring meeting
Mar 19BathThe Challenge of Complexity meeting
Mar 18Bradford-on-Avonvia Bath, by train
Mar 16Woodbridge
Mar 15CambridgeUL & EEMF
Feb 09Boytonand Butley - bike ride 45km
Jan 31CambridgeUL visit for Freemantle research
Jan 30YorkMSc meeting
Jan 12Cambridgeby bike and train - UL visit for Clare research

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