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Keith Briggs - travel 2011

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Dec 24Hollesleybike ride via Ufford, Capel St Andrew, Shottisham 50km
Dec 13CoventryWarwick Uni Complexity Science in Business and Industry meeting
Dec 01SloughAirspan meeting
Nov 30BathMSc meeting
Nov 10-12LondonPower and place in Later Roman and early medieval Europe: UCL
Oct 29YorkSNSBI meeting
Oct 20CoventryTSB meeting
Oct 16Portovacation
Oct 14-15Coimbravacation
Oct 10-13AveiroQoSMOS meeting
Oct 09Portoon way to Aveiro
Oct 08Lewesvacation
Sep 24ElsworthEEMF workshop. Train & bike (69km cycling)
Sep 16LoughboroughMoN10
Sep 5Martleshamhome
Sep 3-4Tallinnvacation
Sep 1-2EspooQuasar meeting. Bus from Helsinki
Sep 1Helsinki
Aug 31Heathrowflight to Helsinki
Aug 27Naylandtrain to Colchester, bike home via Stoke-by-N, Reydon, Hintlesham 62km.
Aug 20Claydonbike ride 40km
Aug 06Dallinghoobike ride 37km
Jul 30Eastonbike ride via Bing. 44km
Jul 23Gosbeckbike ride via Otley and Westerfield. 50km
Jul 12Martleshamhome train via Brussels
Jul 11Seffentwalk from Aachen
Jul 11Aachenby train from Magdeburg. RWTH Quasar meeting
Jul 10Stendalby train from Magdeburg
Jul 09-10Magdeburg
Jul 05-08BerlinQoSMOS meeting
Jul 04Heathrowflight to Berlin
Jul 03Sherborneby train from Salisbury
Jul 03Salisburyby train from Bath
Jul 02Caerwentby bus 73 from Newport
Jul 02Newportby train from Bath
Jul 01BathMSc project meeting
Jun 25SibtonAbbey ruins. Train + bike 50km
May 28Dallinghoobike ride 38km
May 20CambridgeNeul meeting
May 14Wickham Marketbike ride via Clopton and Ufford. 39km total
May 07Falkenhambike ride 42km total
May 02Gosbeckbike ride via Otley and Witnesham. 45km total
Apr 30Falkenhambike ride. 32km total.
Apr 23Aldeburghbike ride via Saxmundham and Thorpeness. 60km total
Apr 18Martleshamhome
Apr 17RichboroughSNSBI coach tour
Apr 17SandwichSNSBI coach tour
Apr 15-18CanterburySNSBI meeting
Apr 12Martleshamhome
Apr 11BerlinQoSMOS WP6 meeting
Apr 10Berlinby train from Frankfurt
Apr 09Frankfurtby train from Geneva
Apr 08Genevavia Basel
Apr 06-08GrenobleQoSMOS meeting
Apr 06Parison way to Grenoble
Mar 20Martleshamhome!
Mar 18Uppsala
Mar 14-17StockholmQuasar meeting
Mar 09YorkMSc meeting
Feb 27Martleshamhome!
Feb 26CambridgePlace-names and landscape: recent research
Feb 25Helsinki
Feb 23-24OuluQoSMOS meeting. -25C maximum.
Feb 21Helsinki
Jan 18Martleshamhome dep. Coventry 1111
Jan 17CoventryUniversity of Warwick complexity meeting
Jan 16Birminghamvia Leicester
Jan 14-15NottinghamEPNS council

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