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Keith Briggs - travel 2013

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Dec 11CoventryWarwick Maths external partner day
Dec 10LancasterMSc project meeting
Nov 29Plzeňby train from Prague
Nov 28-32Praguevacation; by train from Berlin
Nov 26-7BerlinMobile Cloud Networking general assembly
Nov 25OxfordIndustrial Mathematics KTN Showcase event
Nov 17Cardiff
Nov 16BristolSNSBI meeting
Nov 09ElmswellSIAH lecture and council
Oct 24YorkMaths Advisory Board
Oct 10LondonOfcom meeting
Oct 10AylesburyCentre for Bucks Studies visit
Oct 09LondonSpectum Bridge and DTG meetings
Sep 21-23Rigavacation, by bus from Tallinn
Sep 20Palmsecoach tour from Tallinn to Lahemaa National Park
Sep 18-19TallinnIntegration of onomastic data into geo-spatial infrastructures
Sep 17Readingrecord office visit
Sep 16SouthamptonMoN12
Sep 09-11SofiaMCN WP3 meeting
Sep 06LondonBBC TVWS meeting
Aug 31ElmswellSIAH council 1430
Aug 10Stoke-on-Trentculvert examination
Aug 10MacclesfieldCrossall St
Aug 10StaffordRecord Office
Aug 09LondonOfcom meeting
Jul 25LondonOfcom meeting
Jul 23LondonDTG meeting
Jul 19CambridgeNeul meeting
Jul 17LondonEPNS AGM (Wednesday)
Jul 16BathMSc meeting
Jul 05Whittleseytrain stuck for 3 hours :(
Jul 04YorkMaths Advisory Board
Jul 01Martleshamhome
Jun 30Lillevacation
Jun 29Saint-Quentinvacation
Jun 23-28ParisMobile Cloud Networking general assembly (Issy-les-Moulineaux)
Jun 07LondonQualcomm meeting
May 23CambridgeNeul meeting
May 07CambridgeNetworks Day
May 06Moultonbike ride to Cambridge via Kennett, Stetchworth, Dullingham, Fulbourn
Apr 20Long MelfordSIAH AGM. Out via Thurston, back via Hadleigh. bike=87km
Apr 13Martleshamhome
Apr 13Porto
Apr 10-12AveiroMCN WP4 meeting
Apr 10Sintravacation
Apr 09Lisbonfrom Glasgow BA1489+BA504
Apr 08AllowaySNSBI excursion
Apr 05-08GlasgowSNSBI meeting
Apr 04Perthvacation
Apr 03-05Edinburghvacation
Mar 27CambridgeGateway to Mathematics Meeting: Stochastic and statistical models at the interface of modern industry and the mathematical sciences
Mar 09NottinghamEPNS council
Mar 08NottinghamCameron lecture
Feb 20CoventryWarwick Uni MSc talk
Feb 16Punta Raisi(airport) by train from Palermo
Feb 15Agrigentoby train from Palermo dep. 1314
Feb 11Cefalùby train from Palermo dep. 1449
Feb 10-15PalermoMobile Cloud Networking general assembly
Feb 03Martleshamhome
Feb 02Nijmegenby train from Eindhoven
Feb 02Arnhemby train from Eindhoven
Jan 30-32EindhovenWorkshop on Statistics for Complex Networks
Jan 22York1615 talk: Computational aspects of simultaneous Diophantine approximation

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