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Keith Briggs - travel 2016

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Dec 12-14Birmingham11th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing
Nov 29Martleshamhome
Nov 28OxfordAlan Tayler day
Nov 27Heathrowfrom Munich, bus to Reading
Nov 26Regensburgby train from Munich
Nov 25Augsburgby train from Munich
Nov 25-27Munichvacation
Nov 22-24MunichSPEED-5G project meeting. Am Campeon 12, Neubiberg
Nov 12ElmswellSIAH lecture and council
Nov 07Martleshamhome by train via Sleaford and Spalding
Nov 06Lincolnvacation
Nov 05EdinburghSPNS Bill Nicolaisen conference
Nov 04Galashielsby train from Edinburgh
Nov 03YorkMaths Advisory Board
Oct 15NewcastleSNSBI autumn day conference
Sep 30Readinghotel
Sep 30OxfordInFoMM meeting
Sep 25Martleshamhome
Sep 24PeterboroughBull Hotel
Sep 24NottinghamEPNS AGM by train from Bristol
Sep 23-24BristolMercure Hotel
Sep 23BathMoN15
Sep 15Gatwickhome
Sep 13-14AthensSPEED-5G project meeting
Sep 11Piraeusby train from Athens
Sep 10-12Athensvacation
Sep 09Malmöby train from Copenhagen
Sep 09CopenhagenDepartment of Nordic Research seminar 1415
Sep 06Roskildeconference excursion by bus from Bautahøj
Sep 04-09KulhuseFirst CRITICS workshop at Bautahøj
Sep 04Frederikssundby train from Copenhagen; bus 316 to Bautahøj
Sep 03Lundby train from Copenhagen
Sep 02-03Copenhagenvacation
Sep 02Birminghamairport
Sep 01CoventrySPEED-5G phase 2 meeting
Aug 31Coventry
Jul 25Londonhome via City Airport
Jul 23Septfontaines(Simmer/Simmern) by bus 255 from Luxembourg
Jul 23-24Luxembourgvacation
Jul 22Cochemby train from Trier
Jul 21-22Triervacation by train via Mannheim and Saarbrücken
Jul 19-20HeidelbergeDSA SPEED-5G meeting
Jun 18Kelsaleby train and bike 42km
Jun 03King's Lynnarchive visit by X1 bus from Peterborough
Jun 02YorkMaths Advisory Board
May 18CoventryWarwick University MacKay 60 meeting
May 18CoventryWarwick University supervision meeting
May 17Leamington SpaMacKay 60 party
May 16-17BathPhD supervision meeting
Apr 29OxfordInFoMM annual meeting
Apr 28OxfordInFoMM one-day course
Apr 23StowuplandSIAH AGM and Wheeler Conference by bike from Woolpit
Apr 22WoolpitSIAH dinner at Swan Hotel
Apr 22Portoto Gatwick 0955
Apr 20-21AveiroSPEED-5G project meeting
Apr 19Portoto Aveiro by train
Apr 18Dublinto Porto 1520
Apr 17Trimcoach trip from Maynooth
Apr 15-18MaynoothSNSBI spring conference
Apr 14Dublinfrom Stansted
Mar 24Melton Mowbrayvacation
Mar 23NottinghamEPNS council
Mar 14ColchesterNirvana project meeting
Mar 12ElmswellSIAH meeting and council
Mar 10Martleshamhome
Mar 10SouthendAMS->SEN dep. 0955
Mar 09Amsterdamby train from Dordrecht
Mar 09Dordrechtby train from Breda
Mar 08Bergen op Zoomby train from Middelburg
Mar 08Middelburgby train from Breda; Zeeuws Museum
Mar 07Bredaby train from Leer
Mar 06Oldenburgby train from Leer
Mar 05Aurichby bus from Leer
Mar 05LeerClarion Hotel
Mar 04Franekerby train from Harlingen
Mar 04Harlingenby train from Leeuwarden
Mar 03Leeuwardenby train from Schiphol
Mar 03SouthendSEN->AMS arr. 1730
Feb 20London3rd Southern Englishes Workshop
Feb 19OxfordInFoMM project day by train from Bath
Feb 18Trowbridgeby train from Bath
Feb 17BathAmy and Antal meeting
Feb 16BathIndustry Day
Feb 16Bristolmuseum visit
Feb 15CoventryWarwick MSc project day
Feb 14Coventryby train via Ely and Birmingham
Feb 06Martleshamhome
Feb 05OxfordInFoMM BT workshop
Feb 04Eveshamon return from Worcester
Feb 04Worcestertrain from Oxford 1021
Feb 03Oxfordby train from Guildford dep. 1444
Feb 02-03GuildfordSPEED-5G project meeting
Jan 09ElmswellSIAH meeting and council - bike ride Stowmarket-Onehouse-Harleston-Shelland

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