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Keith Briggs - travel 2018

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Dec 22Felixstoweby bike, 35km total
Dec 18WhersteadChristmas dinner by bike, 28km total
Dec 16Heathrowhome
Dec 15Monacoby train
Dec 14Ventimigliaby train from Nice
Dec 14-16Nicevacation
Dec 11-13Sophia AntipolisETSI meeting
Dec 10Cimiezby bus from Nice
Dec 09-10Nicevacation
Dec 08HeathrowThistle Hotel
Dec 08LeicesterMSRG winter seminar - Settlement in the Danelaw
Dec 07Elyon the way to Leicester
Nov 25Metzby train from Luxembourg
Nov 24Arlonby train from Luxembourg
Nov 23-26Luxembourgvacation
Nov 21-23TrierMPFR/MPC/iRRAM Workshop
Nov 10ElmswellSIAH meeting and council
Nov 03Martleshamhome via Stansted and Chelmsford
Nov 03AmsterdamGemeente Amsterdam Archief visit
Nov 02Cruquiuspumping station visit via 340 bus
Nov 02HaarlemNoord-Hollands Archief visit
Nov 01-03Leidenvacation
Nov 01Den HaagGevangenpoort, Mauritshuis, & Nationaal Archief visit
Oct 30-31Den HaagSaT-5G meeting
Oct 07Liverpoolby train and ferry from Chester and Birkenhead
Oct 06-08Chester
Oct 06BangorSNSBI autumn meeting, jointly with WPNS
Sep 29HollesleyWuffing study day on Suffolk place-names
Sep 20SheffieldMoN17 meeting
Sep 05-07CambridgeGersum conference
Sep 01Malborkby train from Gdansk
Aug 30-35Gdanskvacation
Aug 29StanstedPremier Inn
Jun 22Triesteby bus from Ljubljana
Jun 16-23LjubljanaEuCNC meeting and vacation
Jun 13-15BathSAMBa meeting
Jun 07Staplefordbike ride from Cambridge via Shelford
Jun 06-09CambridgeSurface-wave meeting
May 25Bury St EdmundsSIAH book launch
May 24Colchesterteam day at Uni of Essex
May 23IpswichFOSRO lecture
May 19Martleshamhome by Eurostar
May 18Mechelenby train from Brussels
May 18Monsby train from Brussels
May 17Namurby train from Brussels
May 16-19Brusselsvacation
May 14-15GentSAT-5G meeting
May 13Dendermondeby train fom Gent
May 12Gentby Eurostar
Apr 21NottinghamEPNS council
Apr 14ElmswellSIAH AGM
Apr 10Southendairport
Apr 10Glasgowflight to SEN
Apr 09Ardrossancastle visit
Apr 08BrodickSNSBI coach tour
Apr 08LochranzaSNSBI coach tour
Apr 06-09BlackwaterfootSNSBI Spring conference
Apr 05Glasgowflight from SEN
Apr 05Southendairport
Mar 26LowestoftRO visit
Mar 21-22BristolQuantum Innovation lab meeting
Mar 19OxfordInFoMM short course
Mar 10ElmswellSIAH meeting Hoppitt
Mar 06-08LondonSPEED-5G public workshop
Feb 23Bury St EdmundsRecord Office visit
Feb 16OxfordInFoMM CDT project day
Feb 10ElmswellSIAH meeting - Gammeltoft
Feb 08BathMSc projects; PhD supervision meeting
Feb 08BristolQCAPS meeting
Feb 07BathPhD supervision meeting
Feb 02-06İstanbulvacation
Jan 29-32AthensSPEED-5G meeting
Jan 28Maldonby bus from Chelmsford
Jan 17CambridgeUoC-H-BT technical proposal: Next step
Jan 11DurhamCommunications and Signal Processing Workshop

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