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Keith Briggs - travel 2019

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Dec 14ElmswellSIAH meeting Bailey
Dec 07LeicesterMSRG AGM and winter seminar
Nov 27GuildfordSaT5G Industry Day
Nov 21OxfordBodleian visit
Nov 20BathMaths project meeting
Nov 09ElmswellSIAH meeting and council Haslam
Oct 29-30GuildfordSaT5G meeting
Oct 19YorkSNSBI meeting
Oct 03-05Dubrovnikvacation
Oct 02Neumbus stopover
Oct 01-02Splitvacation
Sep 28-30Zadarvacation
Sep 21SouthwoldWheeler Conference: Suffolk by the Sea
Sep 19Oxford4th Symposium on Spatial Networks at Oriel College
Sep 04GuildfordSaT5G meeting
Jul 08-10BathMaths meetings
Jun 28NorwichPN dictionary meeting
Jun 06-07BetzdorfSaT5G meeting at SES, by train from Luxembourg
Jun 05-07LuxembourgSaT5G meeting GA6
May 29-31LondonAIMM meeting and London Symposium of Information Theory at KCL
May 16MeltonSRS AGM and book launch
May 03CambridgeSurface-wave meeting
Apr 28SouthwellSNSBI excursion
Apr 28LaxtonSNSBI excursion (Laxton, Notts)
Apr 26-29NottinghamSNSBI Spring meeting
Apr 26NottinghamEPNS council
Apr 25NottinghamNew solution paradigms - scientific computation using machine-learning algorithms
Apr 13ElmswellSIAH AGM, with a talk by me
Apr 08OxfordMoN18
Apr 07Gatwick
Apr 05Libourneby train from Bordeaux
Apr 04-06Bordeauxby train from La Rochelle
Apr 02-03La Rochelleby train from Poitiers
Mar 31-32Poitiersfrom STN
Mar 30CambridgeMSRG Spring conference
Mar 19Reading
Mar 18OxfordInFoMM Mathematics of communication systems course
Mar 16Wallingfordby bus from Oxford
Mar 15OxfordInFoMM annual meeting
Mar 09ElmswellSIAH meeting and council
Mar 02ElmswellSuffolk Local History Council Societies Day, with a talk by me
Feb 20LondonCity Airport and home
Feb 19Arezzoby train from Florence
Feb 18Pistoiaby train from Florence
Feb 18Florenceby train from Pisa
Feb 17La Speziaby train from Pisa
Feb 16Luccaby train from Pisa
Feb 15Livornoby train from Pisa
Feb 14-17Pisavacation
Feb 13HeathrowThistle Hotel via bus from Slough
Feb 13BathMaths MSc meeting
Feb 09ElmswellSIAH meeting
Jan 12ElmswellSIAH meeting and council

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