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Publications by Keith Briggs

JEPNS=Journal of the English Place-Name Society; PSIAH=Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History.


  1. The place-names of Suffolk (four volumes). In preparation; to appear in the EPNS series, probably 2024 or 2025.
  2. An index to personal names in English place-names. Nottingham: EPNS 2021.
  3. A dictionary of Suffolk place-names (with Kelly Kilpatrick). Nottingham: EPNS & SIAH 2016.



  1. A factored value function for multi-agent reinforcement learning in decentralised algorithms (Ahmed Rashwan, KB, Chris Budd, Lisa Kreusser). Submitted to NeurIPS Vancouver, May 22.
  2. The Ipswich ancestors of Geoffrey Chaucer. Written January 2023, to appear in PSIAH 2024.
  3. AI-ready energy modelling for next generation RAN (Kishan Sthankiya, KB, Mona Jaber, Richard Clegg). Accepted by IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), April 21-23, 2024 in Dubai.
  4. Physics-inspired discrete-phase optimization for 3D beamforming with PIN-diode extra-large antenna arrays (Minsung Kim, KB, Kyle Jamieson, Annalise Stockley). Submitted for publication. Available at arXiv.


  1. Signal-to-interference ratio distribution for various cell layouts (slide-set, possibly to be published in paper form).
  2. MIMO channel capacity: one and two users (slide-set, possibly to be published in paper form).
  3. Smart interference management xApp using deep reinforcement learning (Mahdi Eskandari, KB, and others). Submitted to PIMRC23.
  4. Optimizing antenna beamforming with quantum computing (with Annalise Stockley). EuCAP 2023, Florence, March. pdf. Link to IEEEXplore.
  5. The Suffolk History Hub. Suffolk Local History Council Newsletter, Spring 2023, 13–14.


  1. Onwent: a curious East Anglian agricultural term. JEPNS 54 (2022) 79-90.
  2. Slaughden: a Dutch name on the Suffolk coast? JEPNS 54 (2022) 91-97.
  3. Silly Suffolk. PSIAH volume 45 part 2 (2022) 295–299.
  4. System simulations on AI for network operation & management (AIMM Newsletter). Online here.
  5. Federated meta-learning for traffic steering in O-RAN (Hakan Erdol, KB, and others). Accepted by VTC2022-Fall.
  6. Transmit power control for indoor small cells: a method based on federated reinforcement learning (Peizheng Li, KB, and others). Accepted by VTC2022-Fall.
  7. The integration of satellite communications into 5G networks: a techno-economic analysis for selected use cases (Asma Chiha, KB, and others). Submitted for publication June 29.
  8. Some more Scandinavian elements in Suffolk. JEPNS 53 (2021) 72-78.
  9. A system-level simulator for AI/ML-enhanced network design. EuCNC and 6G summit Grenoble, June 7–10.
  10. Applying AI to the management of 5G radio systems. Maths4DL opening workshop, Apr 22.
  11. The names of medieval minstrels. SNSBI meeting, Apr 09. Also presented to the Musicological Society of Australia, South Australian Chapter on May 07.
  12. The expression to fanny about. Notes & Queries volume 69, issue 1, March 2022, page 48. full text online.
  13. The surname Science (with Peter McClure). SNSBI Newsletter Spring 2022, pp.2-3.


  1. The element purte in names. Nomina 40 (2019-21) 117-125.
  2. The etymology of releet ‘road junction’. Notes & Queries volume 68, issue 4, December 2021, pages 389–390, full text online.
  3. Fucfast, flemings daughter, and sowters dowghter: some sixteenth-century insults (with Peter McClure). Notes & Queries volume 68, issue 4, December 2021, pages 390–392, full text online.
  4. Simulating 5G mobile networks with AI control. Kaiserslautern Applied and Industrial Mathematics Days, Oct 11-13
  5. The English names of French bastides. SNSBI Newsletter, Autumn 2021, pp.6-7.
  6. Middle English shiteburgh `a privy'. Notes & Queries volume 68, issue 3, September 2021, pages 261–262, full text online.
  7. Onomastic data as a source for semantic history: the case of English “road”. ICOS Kraków 2020 (held August 2021).
  8. OpenRAN automation and optimisation using RIC xApps (KB and others). TIP project whitepaper July 2021.
  9. How close is the nearest node in a wireless network? (A. Middleton, KB, J. Dawes, A. Járai). IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 86 (2021), 188-219.
  10. Keith Briggs (ed.), Bertil Sandahl, Names in English naval documents 1280–1380. Submitted for publication.
  11. The etymology of ‘girl’: two more ideas. Notes & Queries Volume 68, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 1-4. online access.


  1. The earliest records of Newmarket. JEPNS 52 (2020) 68–75.
  2. Thelnetham and Whelnetham in Suffolk: early Christian sites? JEPNS 52 (2020) 76–84.
  3. Two coastal terms of continental origin: “shingle” and “dene”. Notes & Queries online publication Nov 11.
  4. Monoliteral toponyms. SNSBI Newsletter Autumn 2020, pp.3–5.
  5. RAN coverage areas under 3GPP-compliant pathloss models (with Arman Shojaeifard). PIMRC 2020.
  6. Coverage regions under multi-slope pathloss propagation (with Arman Shojaeifard). IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology volume 69 issue 10 (October 2020) pp.11786-11789. DOI: 10.1109/TVT.2020.3018461.
  7. Techno-economic evaluation of a brokerage role in the context of integrated satellite-5G networks (with Asma Chiha, Marlies van der Wee, Didier Colle), IEEE Proceedings of NetSoft 2020 170-4.
  8. The first girls in England. Notes & Queries online publication April 27.


  1. The Ipswich tallage of 1228. Draft edition Nov 17.
  2. A generalised ray-launching approach for indoor propagation (H. Wragg, C. Budd, R. Watson, KB). Submitted to EuCAP 2020 on October 18.
  3. Snavergate: a unique Old Danish term in medieval Suffolk. Notes & Queries 66 (2019) 498-499 online article, free access to pdf.
  4. Middle English rōde ‘a ride’ and its compounds. Notes & Queries 66 (2019) 499-502 online article, free access to pdf.
  5. The etymology of “beach”, Notes & Queries 66 (2019), 370-374. free access link.
  6. OE collective plant-names in place-names. JEPNS 51 (2019) 5-14.
  7. The river Mearcella in Suffolk, once again. JEPNS 51 (2019) 15-21.
  8. The wolverine: an animal-name from a personal name? JEPNS 51 (2019) 69-70.
  9. Review of D. Allen, The cartulary and charters of the Priory of Saints Peter and Paul, Ipswich. JEPNS 51 (2019) 73-74.
  10. The rentals of Holy Trinity Priory in Ipswich. PSIAH 44.3 (2019) 456-461.
  11. The Malins in Chaucer's Ipswich ancestry. Notes & Queries, Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2019, pages 201-202. Online article
  12. Review of D. Allen, The cartulary and charters of the Priory of Saints Peter and Paul, Ipswich. PSIAH 44.3 (2019) 498-499.
  13. The surnames of thirteenth-century Ipswich. Talk at SNSBI 2019.
  14. Managing integrated satellite-5G networks: techno-economic evaluation of a brokerage role (with others). EuCNC19.


  1. Where in Suffolk was Wicklaw? Journal of the English Place-Name Society 50 (2018) 11-15.
  2. Dating medieval documents by linear programming. Draft September 24.
  3. Communicating with convexity (Robert Gowers, Sami C. Al-Izzi, Timothy Pollington, Roger Hill, and Keith Briggs). Mathematics Today, 54 (2018) no.4 (August) 168-171.
  4. Proof-of-concept of capacity expansion through extended dynamic spectrum access for 5G (with others). EuCNC2018.
  5. Breaking the access technologies silos by enhancing MAC and RRM in 5G+ networks (with others). EuCNC2018.
  6. The etymology of ‘road’. Notes & Queries, volume 65, issue 2, 1 June 2018, pages 180–183, doi link. OUP online version.
  7. How to estimate quantiles easily and reliably (with Fabian Ying). Mathematics Today, February 2018, pp.26-29.


  1. Scandinavian elements in Suffolk place-names (with David Boulton), pp.29-45 in Scandinavian Names and Naming in the medieval North-Atlantic Area, Proceedings of the 44th Symposium of NORNA in Caen 23-25 April 2014. Edited by Gunnstein Akselberg and Inge Særheim. NORNA-rapporter 95. NORNA-förlaget, Uppsala 2017, ISBN 978-91-7276-095-0, ISSN 0346-6728. From a review by Irene García Losquiño in Namn och Bygd 106 (2018) pp.191–194: “One of the most exciting papers [in the NORNA-rapporter 95 volume] on the English Scandinavian toponymy is that of David Boulton and Keith Briggs”.
  2. A two-level graph partitioning problem arising in mobile wireless communications (with Jamie Fairbrother and Adam Letchford). In Computational Optimization and Applications (COAP). arxiv preprint. pdf from Springer. Springer online version
  3. Challenges for extended dynamic spectrum access below the 6GHz range in the 5G era: The SPEED-5G Case. Submitted May 20 to the 2017 IEEE 28th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)
  4. Trends and challenges for autonomic RRM and MAC functionality for QoS provision and capacity expansions in the context of 5G beyond 6GHz (with Ioannis-Prodromis Belikaidis and others). Rejected by EuCNC2017 Oulu 2017-04-19
  5. Challenges towards enhanced dynamic spectrum access (eDSA): The SPEED-5G case (with Ioannis-Prodromis Belikaidis and others). Submitted to CLEEN2017
  6. The bounds of the Liberty of Ipswich. Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History 44, part 1 (2017), 19-38
  7. Quality of service provision and capacity expansion through extended-DSA for 5G (Uwe Herzog, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Ioannis-Prodromos Belikaidis, Michael Fitch, Keith Briggs, Salvador Diaz, Oscar Carrasco, Klaus Moessner, Benoit Miscopein, Shahid Mumtazi) IEEE 5G Feature Issue in Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies


  1. Gannock in King's Lynn. Journal of the English Place-Name Society 48 (2016) 28-39
  2. The generation of badly approximable pairs for communications via real interference alignment (with Lucie Hadley). 11th IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing
  3. Middle English *gannoken ‘to regrate’ (with Rosemary Hoppitt and John Ridgard). Notes & Queries 63 (2016) 531-532 online version
  4. Slicing over the 5G edge cloud architecture (with Salvador Diaz and others) submitted Sep 21 to IEEE Communications Magazine special issue on network slicing in 5G systems
  5. 5G/eDSA use-cases: vendor hype vs. operator reality (with Michael Fitch) submitted to ISCWS Poznań 2016-07-07
  6. System design and autonomic RRM functionality for QoS provision and capacity expansions in the context of 5G (with Andreas Georgakopoulos and others) ISCWS Poznań SAS5G Workshop
  7. Centralized radio resource management for 5G small cells as LSA enabler (with Óscar Carrasco and others) EuCNC 2016 workshop, Athens, June 27-30; arxiv
  8. A virtualized 5G edge architecture for ultra-dense small-cell deployments (with Antonio De Domenico and others). IEEE Wireless Communications special issue on architecture for next generation wireless networks: scalability, flexibility and interoperability. Submitted 2016-04-29
  9. Quality of service provision and capacity expansion through extended-DSA for 5G (with Uwe Herzog and others), 5G Feature Issue in Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. Submitted April 11; accepted for publication May 06
  10. Energy-efficient architecture for 5G systems: the SPEED-5G proposal (with others)


  1. A Suffolk miscellany: : East Bergholt, Gulpher, Harkstead, Hussey Green, Maidstone, Orwell, Purton Green, Rodbridge, Throughton, Undley, Walsham le Willows, Wenhaston, Whitton. Journal of the English Place-Name Society 47 (2015) 19–37
  2. A computational approach to generating badly approximable pairs for communications applications (with Lucie Hadley)


  1. Report on the Norna 44 conference, Caen. SNSBI Newsletter 9 (Autumn 2014), 7.
  2. Computational aspects of simultaneous Diophantine approximation, in V. Brattka and M. Ziegler (eds.), Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis (CCA2014) p.22. Presented at TU Darmstadt 2014-07-23.
  3. Mobility and bandwidth prediction in virtualized LTE systems: architecture and challenges (Georgios Karagiannis, Almerima Jamakovic, Keith Briggs, Morteza Karimzadeh, Carlos Parada, Marius Julian Corici, Tarik Taleb). EuCNC 2014, Bologna, June 23–26.
  4. Enhanced algorithms for TV whitespace power maximization (with Jamie Fairbrother), presented by KB at EuCAP2014, Den Haag April 6-11


  1. Spectrum micro-trading for mobile operators (Richard MacKenzie, Keith Briggs, Pål Grønsund, Per Hjalmar Lehne). IEEE Wireless Communications vol. 20, no. 6 (December 2013), 6–13
  2. Boulge, Suffolk. Journal of the English Place-name Society 45 (2013) 5–11
  3. Offering analytics as an enabling cloud service (Thijs Metsch, Andrew Edmonds, Piyush Harsh, Florian Antonescu, Keith Briggs). Submitted to IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Analytics 2013-11-24
  4. Admission control algorithms. Chapter for MCN deliverable D3.2. 2013-09-15
  5. Mobility prediction algorithms. Chapter for MCN deliverable D4.1. 2013-09-15
  6. Felixstowe and other saint+stōw place-names in Suffolk. Submitted to Nomina 2013-07-15


  1. QoSMOS D6.6: Spectrum management framework integration and implementation (Keith Briggs, editor) Dec 31
  2. The early English place-name suffix -ia: an expression of romanitas? (for Proceedings of Power and place in Later Roman and early medieval Europe) Aug 24
  3. Review of E. Okasha, Women's names in Old English for SNSBI Newsletter. Aug 23
  4. The history of Suffolk place-names (slides for lecture course) Aug 23
  5. Phylogenetics of the early Germanic languages (unpublished project report by Dario Papavassiliou, KB, Dario Spanò)
  6. QoSMOS D6.4: Flexibility, robustness and cognition (Keith Briggs, editor) April 30
  7. Comparison of contention-based protocols for secondary access in TV whitespaces (with Richard MacKenzie). SDR'12 — WInnComm Brussels 27–29 June.
  8. Towards spectrum micro-trading (Pål Grønsund, Richard MacKenzie, Per Hjalmar Lehne, Keith Briggs, Ole Grøndalen, Paal E. Engelstad, Terje Tjelta). FuNeMS 2012.
  9. Cognitive radio systems evaluation: measurement, modeling and emulation approach (Deepaknath Tandur, Jonathan Duplicy, Kamran Arshad, David Depierre, Janne Lehtomaki, Ulrico Celentano, Luis Gonçalves, Keith Briggs). IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (special issue on applications of cognitive radio networks), 7 (2012) 77–84.
  10. Business opportunities and scenarios for cognitive radio systems (QoSMOS WP1 white paper). Per Hj. Lehne, Richard MacKenzie, Ole Grøndalen, Pål Grønsund, Keith Briggs
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  1. Bixley. Journal of the English Place-Name Society 43 (2011) 43–54
  2. Cognitive context acquisition (QoSMOS WP3 White paper). Kamran Arshad, Keith Briggs et al. pdf
  3. The battle-site and place-name Ringmere. Notes & Queries 58(4), December 2011, 491-492
  4. Some thoughts on coferan treow. Draft MS Nov 02
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  7. ACM DL Author-ize serviceRobust spectrum sensing for cognitive radio based on statistical tests
    Kamran Arshad, Keith Briggs, Klaus Moessner
    CogART '11 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management, 2011
  8. Incorporating tight colouring into distributed heuristics for wireless channel assignment (with Sharon Bullimore). Submitted to Distributed Computing August 3
  9. Early English region-names with the suffix -ia, with a special emphasis on the name Ely. Draft paper completed July; presented in a shorter version as Power and place-names: did early English rulers use Roman-style province names? at the meeting Power and place in Later Roman and early medieval Europe, UCL 10-12 November 2011.
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Papers not by me

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